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Orange Coonty, Californie

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Orange Coonty, Californie
County of Orange
Aerial view of the coast of Newport Beach in May 2005.
Aerial view of the coast of Newport Beach in May 2005.
Banner o Orange Coonty, Californie
Official seal of Orange Coonty, Californie
Location in the state o Californie
Location in the state o Californie
Ceeties in Orange Coonty
Ceeties in Orange Coonty
Kintra Unitit States
State Californie
RegionGreater Los Angeles Area
IncorporatedMarch 11, 1889
Named forOrange groves that wur ance plentiful in the aurie
Coonty seat Santa Ana
Lairgest ceety Anaheim
 • Total2,455.3 km2 (947.98 sq mi)
 • Laund2,044.5 km2 (789.40 sq mi)
 • Water410.7 km2 (158.57 sq mi)
 (2010 Census)
 • Total3,010,232
 • Density1,472.3/km2 (3813.3/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Orange Countian
Time zoneUTC-8 (Paceefic Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-7 (Paceefic Daylicht Time)
Area codes562, 714, 949

Orange Coonty is a coonty in the U.S. state o Californie. Its coonty seat is Santa Ana. As o the 2010 census, its population wis 3,010,232, makkin it the third maist populous coonty in Californie, ahint Los Angeles Coonty an San Diego Coonty, an the seicont maist populous in the Greater Los Angeles Area, efter Los Angeles Coonty.[1] It is the saxt maist populous coonty in the Unitit States as o 2009 while at the same time is the smallest area-wise county in Soothren Californie, bein roughly hauf the size o the next smawest coonty, Ventura. It is the seicont-maist densely populatit coonty in the state, seicont anerly tae San Francisco.[2] The coonty is famous for its tourism, as the hame o such attractions as Disneyland an Knott's Berry Farm, an several beaches alang its mair nor 40 mile (64 km) o coastline. It is kent for its affluence an poleetical conservatism – a 2005 academic study leetit three Orange Coonty ceeties as bein amang Americae's 25 "maist conservative," makkin it ane o twa coonties in the kintra containin mair nor ane such ceety (Maricopa Coonty, Arizona, haes three ceeties on the leet an aw).[3] It is part of the Tech Coast.

Orange Coonty wis at the time the lairgest American coonty tae hae gone bankrupt, when in 1994 langtime treasurer Robert Citron's investment strategies left the coonty wi inadequate caipital tae allou for ony rise in interest rates for its tradin positions. When the residents o Orange Coonty votit doun a proposal tae raise taxes in order tae balance the budget, bankruptcy follaeed suin efter. Citron later pleadit guilty tae sax felonies regardin the matter.[4]

Whareas maist population centers in the Unitit States tend tae be identifee'd bi a major ceety, thare is no defined urban centre in Orange Coonty (it is sometimes considered pairt o baith the Los Angeles an San Diego metro auries). It is maistly suburban except for some tradeetionally urban auries at the centres o the aulder ceeties o Anaheim, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange, an Santa Ana. Thare are several edge ceety-style developments such as Irvine Business Center, Newport Center, an South Coast Metro.

The ceety o Santa Ana serves as the govrenmental centre o the coonty, or coonty seat, Anaheim as its main tourist destination, an Irvine as its major business an financial hub. Aw o these three Orange Coonty ceeties hae populations exceedin 200,000. Thirty-fower incorporatit ceeties are locatit in Orange Coonty; the newest is Aliso Viejo, which wis incorporatit in 2001. Anaheim wis the first ceety incorporatit in Orange Coonty, in 1870 when the region wis still pairt o neebourin Los Angeles Coonty.


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Incorporatit ceeties

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As o August 2006, Orange Coonty haes 34 incorporatit ceeties. The auldest is Anaheim (1870) an the newest is Aliso Viejo (2001).

Unincorporatit commonties

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These commonties are ootside o ceety limits in unincorporatit coonty territory:

Planned commonties

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Orange Coonty haes a history o lairge planned commonties. Nearly 30% o the coonty wis creatit as master planned commonties, the maist notable bein the City of Irvine, Coto de Caza, Anaheim Hills, Tustin Ranch, Tustin Legacy, Ladera Ranch, Talega, Rancho Santa Margarita, an Mission Viejo. Irvine is aften referred tae as a model maister-planned ceety, for its veelages o Woodbridge, Northwood, University Park, an Turtle Rock that wur laid oot bi the Irvine Company o the mid-1960s afore it wis bocht by a group o investors that includit Donald Bren.

Adjacent coonties

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Naitional protectit auries

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