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John McCain
Umwhile portrait o white-haired man wearin dark business suit, wi American flag in backgroond
Unitit States Senator
frae Arizona
In office
Januar 3, 1987 – August 25, 2018
Servin with Jeff Flake
Precedit bi Barry Goldwater
Succeedit bi Jon Kyl
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae Arizona's 1st destrict
In office
Januar 3, 1983 – Januar 3, 1987
Precedit bi John Jacob Rhodes, Jr.
Succeedit bi John Jacob Rhodes III
Chairman o the
Senate Committee on Indie Affairs
In office
Januar 3, 1995 – Januar 3, 1997
Precedit bi Daniel Inouye
Succeedit bi Ben Nighthorse Campbell
In office
Januar 3, 2005 – Januar 3, 2007
Precedit bi Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Succeedit bi Byron Dorgan
Chairman o the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science an Transportation
In office
Januar 3, 1997 – Januar 3, 2001
Precedit bi Larry Pressler
Succeedit bi Ernest Hollings
In office
Januar 20, 2001 – Juin 3, 2001
Precedit bi Ernest Hollings
Succeedit bi Ernest Hollings
In office
Januar 3, 2003 – Januar 3, 2005
Precedit bi Ernest Hollings
Succeedit bi Ted Stevens
Personal details
Born John Sidney McCain III
29 August 1936(1936-08-29)
Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama Canal Zone
Dee'd 25 August 2018(2018-08-25) (aged 81)
Phoenix, Arizona
Naitionality American
Poleetical pairty Republican
Spoose(s) Carol Shepp
Cindy Lou Hensley
(1980 - present)
Relations John S. McCain, Jr. (faither)
Roberta McCain (mither)
Bairns 7 (includin Meghan)
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Alma mater U.S. Naval Academy (B.S.)
Profession Naval Aviator, politeecian
Religion Baptist congregant
(broucht up Episcopalian)[1]
Awairds Siller Starn
Legion o Merit
Distinguished Flyin Cross
Bronze Starn
Purpie Heart
Navy Commendation Medal
an ithers
Militar service
Service/branch Unitit States Navy seal Unitit States Navy
Years o service 1958–1981
Rank US-O6 insignia.svg Captain
Battles/wars Vietnam War
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The life o John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018) was the senior Unitit States Senator frae Arizona. He wis the Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 Unitit States election.

McCain followed his faither an grandfaither, baith fower-starn admirals, intae the Unitit States Navy, graduatin frae the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958. He acame a naval aviator, flyin groond-attack aircraft frae aircraft carriers. Durin the Vietnam War, he wis almaist killed in the 1967 USS Forrestal fire. In October 1967, while on a bombin mission ower Hanoi, he wis shot doun, seriously injured, an captured bi the North Vietnamese. He wis a prisoner o war til 1973. McCain experienced episodes o tortur, an refused an oot-o-sequence early repatriation offer. His war woonds left him wi lifelang pheesical leemitations.

He retired frae the Navy as a captain in 1981 an moved tae Arizona, whaur he entered politics. Electit tae the U.S. Hoose o Representatives in 1982, he served twa terms, an wis then electit tae the U.S. Senate in 1986, winnin re-election easily fower times, maist recently in 2016. While generally adherin tae conservative principles, McCain at times haes haed a media reputation as a "maverick" for his willingness tae disagree wi his pairty on certaint issues. Efter bein investigatit an lairgely exoneratit in a poleetical influence scandal o the 1980s as a member o the Keating Five, he made campaign finance reform ane o his signatur concerns, which eventually led tae the passage o the McCain-Feingold Act in 2002. He is an aa kent for his wirk towards restorin diplomatic relations wi Vietnam in the 1990s, an for his belief that the war in Iraq should be foucht tae a successfu conclusion. McCain haes chaired the Senate Commerce Committee, opposed spendin that he considered tae be pork barrel, an played a key role in alleviating a crisis ower judicial nominations.

McCain ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 but lost a heatit primary saison contest tae George W. Bush. He secured the nomination in 2008 efter comin back frae early reversals, but lost tae Democratic candidate Barack Obama in the general election. He subsequently adoptit mair orthodox conservative stances an attitudes an lairgely opposed actions o the Obama admeenistration.

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  1. McCain was christened and raised Episcopalian. See Nichols, Hans. "McCain Keeps His Faith to Himself, at Church and in Campaign", Bloomberg (April 25, 2008). He now identifies as a Baptist, although he has not been baptized as an adult, and is not an official member of the church he attends. See Warner, Greg. "McCain's faith: Pastor describes senator as devout, but low-key", Associated Baptist Press (April 8, 2008). Retrieved September 6, 2008. Also see Hornick, Ed. "McCain and Obama cite moral failures", CNN, (August 16, 2008): "McCain, who was raised an Episcopalian and now identifies himself as Baptist, rarely discusses his faith." Retrieved August 16, 2008. Also see Reston, Maeve and Mehta, Seema. "Barack Obama and John McCain to Meet at Saddleback Church", Los Angeles Times, (August 16, 2008): "McCain [is] an Episcopalian who attends a Baptist church in Phoenix..." Retrieved August 16, 2008.

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