North Vietnam

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Democratic Republic o Vietnam
Việt Nam Dân chủ Cộng hòa
Unrecognized state (1945-1950)
Client state o USSR an Cheenae (1950-1976)


Banner Coat o airms
"Độc lập – Tự do – Hạnh phúc"
(Scots: "Unthirldom – Freedom – Happiness")
"Tiến Quân Ca"
(Scots: "Airmy Mairch")
Location o North Vietnam in Sootheast Asie.
Caipital Hanoi
Leids Vietnamese (offeecial)
Releegion None (state atheism)
Government Single-pairty communist state
 -  1945–1969 Hồ Chí Minh
 -  1969–1976 Ton Duc Thang
First Secretar
 -  1960–1986 Lê Duẩn
Historical era Cauld War · Vietnam War
 -  Unthirldom proclaimed September 2, 1945
 -  Viet Minh enters Hanoi October 10, 1954
 -  PAVN enters Saigon Aprile 30, 1975
 -  North an Sooth Vietnam merged Julie 2 1976
 -  1960 157,880 km² (60,958 sq mi)
 -  1960 est. 15,916,955 
     Density 100.8 /km²  (261.1 /sq mi)
 -  1974 est. 23,767,300 
     Density 150.5 /km²  (389.9 /sq mi)
Siller đồng

The Democratic Republic o Vietnam (DRV; Vietnamese: Việt Nam Dân chủ Cộng hòa), generally kent as North Vietnam, wis a communist republic in Sootheast Asie, comprisin nominally aw o Vietnam frae September 2, 1945 tae December 18, 1946. The communist Viet Minh ("League for the Unthirldom o Vietnam") controlled auries o Vietnam atween December 18, 1946 tae Julie 20, 1954 an the northren hauf o whit is nou the Socialist Republic o Vietnam atween Julie 20, 1954 an Julie 2, 1976. The state wis first proclaimed bi Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi in 1945, an established formally in the een o the Wast follaein the 1954 Geneva Conference at the end o the First Indocheenae War. North an Sooth Vietnam wur reunitit in 1976.