Puebla, Puebla

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Puebla de Zaragoza
Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
Toun & Municipality
Coat o airms o Puebla de Zaragoza
Coat o airms
Nickname(s): The Reliquary o Americae, the Ceety o Angels, The Angelópolis
Location o Puebla athin the state
Location o Puebla athin the state
Location o the state athin Mexico
Location o the state athin Mexico
Kintra Mexico
State Puebla
Municipality Puebla
Foondit 1531
Municipal Status 1821
 • Municipal Preses Eduardo Rivera Pérez PAN
 • Municipality 534.32 km2 (206.30 sq mi)
Elevationof seat 2,135 m (7,005 ft)
Population (2010)Municipality
 • Municipality 1,539,819
 • Metro 2,668,347
 • Demonym Poblano
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
 • Summer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
Postal code (of seat) 72000
Aurie code(s) 222
ISO 3166 code MX-PUE
GDP 1.527 billion pesos[1]
Website (Spaingie) Official site
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Historic Dountoun o Puebla
Name as inscribed on the World Heritage List
Teep Cultural
Criterie ii, iv
Reference 416
UNESCO region Laitin Americae an the Caribbean
Inscription history
Inscription 1987 (11t Session)

The ceety an municipality o Puebla (Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈpweβla]) is the caipital o the state o Puebla, an ane o the five maist important colonial ceeties in Mexico. It is locatit tae the east o Mexico Ceety an wast o the port o Veracruz, on the main route atween the twa. The ceety wis foondit in 1531 in an aurie cawed Cuetlaxcoapan which means “where serpents change their skin.” This valley wis no populatit in the 16t century as in the pre-Hispanic period, this aurie wis primarily uised tae the “Flouer Wars” atween a number o populations. Due tae its history an airchitectural styles rangin frae Renaissance tae Mexican Baroque, the ceety wis named a Warld Heritage Steid in 1987. The ceety is an aa famous for mole poblano, chiles en nogada an Talavera pottery. Housomeivver, maist o its economy is based on industry.

Twin touns - sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Puebla is twinned wi:

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