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This airticle is aboot the Mexican state. For ither uises, see Tabasco (disambiguation).
Estado Libre y Soberano de Tabasco
Banner o Tabasco
Offeecial seal o Tabasco
Nickname(s): El Edén de México
(The Eden of Mexico)
Anthem: Marcha Tabasco
State o Tabasco athin Mexico
State o Tabasco athin Mexico
Coordinates: 17°58′20″N 92°35′20″W / 17.97222°N 92.58889°W / 17.97222; -92.58889
Kintra Mexico
Caipital Villahermosa
Lairgest Ceety Villahermosa
Municipalities 17
Admission 7 February 1824[1]
Order 13t
 • Govrenor Andrés Granier Melo PRI
 • Senators[2] Arturo Núñez Jiménez PRD
Rosalinda López PRD
Francisco Herrera PRI
 • Deputies[3]
 • Total 24,738 km2 (9,551 sq mi)
  Rankit 24t
Heichest elevation[5] 1,100 m (3,600 ft)
Population (2010)[6]
 • Tot 2,238,603
 • Rank 20t
 • Density 90/km2 (230/sq mi)
 • Density rank 12t
Demonym(s) Tabasqueño (a)
Time zone CST (UTC−6)
 • Simmer (DST) CDT (UTC−5)
Postal code 86
Aurie code
ISO 3166 code MX-TAB
HDI Increase 0.796 Medium Rankit 25t
GDP US$ 17,492,682.26 th[a]
Wabsteid Official Web Site
^ a. The state's GDP was $223,906,333 thousand of pesos in 2008,[6] amount corresponding to $17,492,682.26 thousand of dollars, being a dollar worth 12.80 pesos (value of June 3, 2010).[7]

Tabasco (Spaingie pronunciation: [taˈβasko]), offeecially Free an Sovereign State o Tabasco (Spaingie: Estado Libre y Soberano de Tabasco), is ane o the 31 states which, wi the Federal Destrict, comprise the 32 Federal Entities o Mexico. It is dividit in 17 municipalities an its caipital ceety is Villahermosa. It is locatit in the sootheast o the kintra alang the Guwf o Mexico borderin the states o Campeche, Chiapas an Veracruz, as well as the kintra o Guatemala. Maist o the state is covered in rainforest as, unlike maist ither auries o Mexico, it haes plentiful rainfaw year roond. For this raison, it is covered in sma lakes, wetlands an rivers. The state is subject tae major floodin events, wi the last occurrin in 2007, which affectit aichty percent o the state. The state is hame tae La Venta an aw, the major steid o the Olmec ceevilization, considered to be the oreegin o later Mesoamerican culturs. Even though it produces significant quantities o petroleum an natural gas, poverty is still a concern. The state is the oreegin o the cocoa bean, frae which chocolate is made.

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