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For ither uises, see Chihuahua.

Estado Libre y Soberano de Chihuahua
Banner o Chihuahua
Offeecial seal o Chihuahua
El Estado Grande (The Big State)
Valentía, Lealtad, Hospitalidad
(Bravery, Lyalty, Hospitality)
Anthem: Himno del Estado de Chihuahua
State o Chihuahua athin Mexico
State o Chihuahua athin Mexico
Coordinates: 28°48′51″N 106°26′22″W / 28.81417°N 106.43944°W / 28.81417; -106.43944
Lairgest CeetyCiudad Juárez
AdmissionJuly 6, 1824[1]
 • GovrenorCésar Duarte Jáquez PRI
 • Senators[2]José Antonio Badía PAN
Ramón Galindo PAN
Fernando Baeza PRI
 • Deputies[3]
 • Total247,455 km2 (95,543 sq mi)
 Ranked 1st
Highest elevation3,300 m (10,800 ft)
 • Tot3,406,465
 • Rank11th
 • Density14/km2 (36/sq mi)
 • Density rank29t
Time zoneUTC-7 (MST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-6 (MDT)
Postal code
31, 33
Area code
ISO 3166 codeMX-CHH
HDIIncrease 0.857 high Ranked 6th
GDPUS$ 20,287,214.21 mil[a]
WabsteidOfficial Web Site
^ a. The state's GDP was 259,676,342 million of pesos in 2009,[6] amount corresponding to 20,287,214.21 millon of dollars, being a dollar worth 12.80 pesos (value of June 3, 2010).[7]

Chihuahua (Spaingie pronunciation: [tʃiˈwawa]) offeecially Estado Libre y Soberano de Chihuahua (Scots: Free an Sovereign State o Chihuahua) is ane o the 31 states which, wi the Federal Destrict, comprise the 32 Federal Entities o Mexico. Its caipital ceety is Chihuahua.

It is locatit in Northwastren Mexico. It is bordered bi the states o Sonora tae the wast, Sinaloa tae the soothwast, Durango tae the sooth, an Coahuila tae the east. Tae the north an northeast, it haes a lang line wi the U.S.-Mexico border adjacent tae the U.S. states o New Mexico an Texas.

Chihuahua is the lairgest state in Mexico bi aurie, wi a mainland aurie o 247,455 square kilometres (95,543 sq mi),[4] it is slichtly lairger than the Unitit Kinrick. It is consequently kent unner the nickname El Estado Grande ("The Big State").

The etymology o the name Chihuahua haes lang been disputit bi historians an linguists. The maist acceptit theory explains that the name wis derivit frae the Nahuatl leid meanin "The place whaur the watter o the rivers meet".

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Chihuahua is subdividit intae 67 municipios (municipalities).

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