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Ìomhaigh de chumhachdan deich bho 1 gu 1 millean

Ae million (1,000,000), or ae thoosand thoosand, is the naitural nummer efter 999,999 an afore 1,000,001. In scienteefic notation, it's written as 106.

The million is whiles uised as a metaphor for a gey muckle nummer, as in "Ne'er in a million year", or a hyperbole, as in "A'v walked a million mile". Hence, a "millionaire" can mean juist a rich bodie, nae maiter the actual siller or the exact quantity. Il Milione is the teetle o Marco Polo's narration o his traivels tae Cheenae. The name is jaloused tae come frae Polo's byname efter his tales o riches an multitudes.

The wird "million" is common tae the dock scale an lang scale nummerin seestems (an tae the proposed Rowlett nummerin seestem forby), no like the muckler nummers that haes differin names in the twa seestems.

The name is derived frae Italian, whaur milla wis 1,000, an 1,000,000 becam millione, "a lairge thoosand".