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Whaur's this meelion frae? Hou no meilion. Aw the same whaur dis the /i/ come frae? Canna find ony inklin o't in the SND or DOST. Fund this in the SND tho:

"MOLLION, n. Variant of or misprint for million.
*Slg. 1792 G. Galloway Poems 41:
To prop luxuriant recreation, `Twad tack the mollion Rack'd frae a' corners o' the nation, E'en frae the scullion."

The appearent rhyme o mollion an scullion wad indicate a vouel alang the lines o /ɪ ~ ʌ/. See § 58.1. 12:07, 22 Februar 2007 (UTC)

Aye, ye'd hink it was be like a wheen o the "i" soonds in Inglis are a "u" soond in Scots, like "milk" is mair like "mulk" in Scots. Sae how is "million" no "mullion" in Scots? Bazza

The tradeetional grapheme for vouel 15 haes aye been <i> an no <ee>. 16:51, 22 Februar 2007 (UTC)

Ma mistak, A thocht million wad hae the Romance ee (vouel 2), but A believe ye gin ye tell me it haes the "mulk" vouel (15). A'll flit it back tae Million. Mendor 23:38, 22 Februar 2007 (UTC)