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Location o the municipality in Puebla
Location o the municipality in Puebla
Location o the state athin Mexico
Location o the state athin Mexico
Kintra Mexico
Municipal seatPuebla
 • Land534.32 km2 (206.30 sq mi)
 • Tot1,485,941
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

Puebla Municipality is a municipality in the State o Puebla in eastren Central Mexico.[1] The municipality covers a tot aurie o 534.32 square kilometres (206.30 sq mi).[2] The Ceety o Puebla is the municipal seat, as well as the caipital o the state.

The municipality is locatit in the wast-central region o the State o Puebla, borderin the municipalities o Santo Domingo Huehutlán, San Andrés Cholula, Teopantlán, Amozoc, Cuauthinchán, Tzicatlacoyan, Cuautlancingo, an Ocoyucan, an on the State o Tlaxcala.[3]

Municipal seat[edit | edit source]

As municipal seat, the ceety o Puebla is the govrenment for 482 ither commonties [2] Houiver, 94% o the municipality’s population o 1,485,941 lives in the ceety proper.[2] The historic centre o the ceety o Puebla is a Warld Heritage Steid.

Environs[edit | edit source]

Maist o the municipality haes been deforestit, includin the lawer portions o the Malinche volcano an aw the Sierra de Amozoc, due tae loggin an saisonal fermin.[3]

The Sierra del Tentzon an heicher elevations o Malinche volcano still conserve the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt pine-oak forests ecoregion — wi forests o pine, holm oak an ither tree species.[3] In the pine forests, Montezuma Pine (Pinus montezumae) is generally predominant, wi Hartweg's Pine (Pinus hartwegii) an Pinus teocote in dry auries wi shallae soils. Pine-fir forests are componit amaist entirely o Hartweg's Pine (Pinus hartwegii) an Sacred Fir (Abies religiosa).

Ainimal life consists maistly o smaw mammals sic as rabbits an skunks, as well as birds sic as houlets, buzzards an wild watterfoul.[3]

Economy[edit | edit source]

Some agriculture still takes place in the municipality but environmental degradation an the growthe o the ceety is makin this a smawer sector o the economy. Crops raised include corn, beans, wheat, oats, avocados, pears, apples, peaches, choke cherries, Mexican hawthorns, nuts an white sapotes. Most agriculture takes place on smaw plots on the edges o the municipality. Similarly livestock sic as cattle, pigs, sheep an horse are raised.[3]

Industry accoonts for aboot aichty percent o the economy an is maistly based on the ootskirts o the ceety as well as in some surroondin municipalities. Main products include basic metals, chemicals, electrical items an textiles. The main employers are Hylsa an the Volkswagen automotive plant. A growin sector is fuid processin. Mony industries are consolidatit intae pairks sic as the 5 de Mayo Industrial Pairk, the Resurrección Industrial Zone an the Puebla 2000 Industrial Pairk.

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