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Galileo Galilei (Pisa, 15 Februar 1564Arcetri, 8 Januar 1642) wis a Tuscan astronomer, philosopher, an pheesicist that is closely associate wi the scienteefic revolution. He haed a haund in the betterment o the prospect, a variety o astronomical observations, the first law o motion, an in supportin Copernicanism effectively. He haes been cried the "faither o modren astronomie," the "faither o modren pheesics," an the "faither of science". His experimental wark is aften conseedered complementary tae the scrievins o Francis Bacon in stablishin the modren scienteefic method. Galileo's life coincided wi that o Johannes Kepler. The wark o Galileo is conseedered tae be a signeeficant brak frae that o Aristotle. Forby, his conflict wi the Roman Catholic Kirk is taen as a great aerly exemplar o the conflict o authority an freedom o thocht, in parteecular wi science, in Wastren society.

Taewarts a re-examination o the trial o Galileo[eedit | eedit soorce]

Template:Personal essay In 1633, Galileo wis doomt bi the Kirk for biblical an scienteefic raisons. Efterhint, science slawly pruived that Galileo’s theory wis richt.

Joël Col reconseeders the ultimate phase o the trial o the astronomer: the contradeection o his new thesis wi regaird tae the biblical verses susteint bi the Kirk.

In his wark Entre Galilée et l’Église : la Bible (Atween Galileo an the Kirk: the Bible) the author analeeses the conflictin verses. He shaws, throu a comprehensive semantic study, that in the Ebreu an Greek texts, the sun daesna turn aboot the Yird, contrar tae whit the versions asserts. He concludes that if the translations o the Bible haed been faithfu tae the oreeginal texts, Galileo wadna hae been doomed for 'haein held an believed a doctrine which is false an contrary tae the divine an Holy Scripture'.[citation needit]

As an affcome o his study, he clarifees the mony debates hauden throu the centuries an ettles tae align the translations o the Bible wi thair oreeginal texts an tae offeecially rehabilitate Galileo.

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