Varsity o Padua

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Varsity o Padua
Università di Padova
File:University of Padua seal.svg
Laitin: Universitas Studii Paduani
Motto Universa Universis Patavina Libertas (Laitin)
Motto in Scots
Liberty of Padua, universally an for aw
Teep Public
Established 1222
Rector Giuseppe Zaccaria
Academic staff
Students 59,317
Unnergraduates 38,495
Postgraduates 20,822
Location Padua, Italy
Campus Urban
Sports teams CUS Padova [3]
Colours Padua Reid     
Affiliations Coimbra Group, TIME network

The Varsity o Padua (Italian Università degli Studi di Padova, UNIPD) is a premier Italian varsity[1] locatit in the ceety o Padua, Italy. The Varsity o Padua wis foondit in 1222 as a schuil o law an wis ane o the maist prominent varsities in early modren Europe.[2]

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Coordinates: 45°25′N 11°52′E / 45.417°N 11.867°E / 45.417; 11.867