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Nicolaus Copernicus

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Nicolaus Copernicus
The "Torun portrait" (anonymous, c. 1580), kept in Toruń toun haw.[1]
Born19 Februar 1473(1473-02-19)
Toruń (Thorn), Ryal Proushie,
Kinrick o Poland
Dee'd24 Mey 1543(1543-05-24) (aged 70)
Frombork (Frauenburg),
Prince-Bishopric o Warmia,
Ryal Proushie, Kinrick o
Alma mater
Kent forHeliocentrism
Copernicus' Law
Copernican principle
Scientific career
  • Astronomy
  • Canon law
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Politics
InfluencesAristarchus o Samos, Martianus Capella
InfluencedJohannes Kepler

Nicolaus Copernicus (in Laitin; German: Niklas Koppernigk, Pols Mikołaj Kopernik); 19 Februar, 147324 Mey, 1543) wis a Pols astronomer, mathematician an economist that cam up wi the heliocentric (Sun-centred) theory o the solar seestem in a form detailt eneuch tae mak it scienteefically uisefu.

Copernicus wis born in 1473 in the ceety o Thorn (Toruń) in Ryal Proushie. There's a story that the first pres wis pitten intil Copernicus's haunds the same day he dee'd, sae that he coud say guidbye tae his opus vitae. They say that he waukent frae a coma, keekit at his beuk, an dee'd.


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  1. The auldest kent portrait o Copernicus is that on Strasbourg astronomical clock, made bi Tobias Stimmer c. 1571–4. Accordin tae the inscription next tae the portrait, it wis made frae a sel-portrait bi Copernicus himsel. This has led tae speculation that the Torun portrait mey be a copy based on the same sel-portrait, but its provenance is unkent. André Goddu, Copernicus and the Aristotelian Tradition (2010), p. 436 (note 125), citing Goddu, review of: Jerzy Gassowski,Poszukiwanie grobu Mikolaja Kopernika in: Journal for the History of Astronomy 38.2 (May 2007), p. 255.