Buffalo, New York

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Buffalo, New York
Ceety o Buffalo
Clockwise: Buffalo skyline frae I-190 North enterin dountoun, Buffalo skyline at dusk, Peace Brig, Buffalo Savings Bank, Erie Coonty haw, Niagara Squerr, an the Art Deco Buffalo Ceety Haw


Location o Buffalo in New York State
Buffalo, New York is located in United States
Buffalo, New York
Buffalo, New York
Location in the Unitit States o Americae
Coordinates: 42°54′17″N 78°50′58″W / 42.90472°N 78.84944°W / 42.90472; -78.84944Coordinates: 42°54′17″N 78°50′58″W / 42.90472°N 78.84944°W / 42.90472; -78.84944
Kintra Unitit States
State New York
Coonty Erie
First settled (veelage) 1789
Foondit 1801
Incorporatit (ceety) 1832
 • Mayor Byron Brown (D)
 • Common Cooncil Ceety cooncil
 • Ceety 52.5 sq mi (136.0 km2)
 • Laund 40.6 sq mi (105.2 km2)
 • Watter 11.9 sq mi (30.8 km2)
Elevation 600 ft (183 m)
Population (2013)
 • Ceety 258,959 (US: 73rd)
 • Density 6,436.2/sq mi (2,568.8/km2)
 • Urban 935,906 (US: 46t)
 • Metro 1,134,210 (US: 49t)
 • CSA 1,213,668 (US: 44t)
Demonym Buffalonian
Time zone EST (UTC−5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
ZIP code 14200
Area code(s) 716
FIPS code 36-11000
GNIS featur ID 0973345
Website www.city-buffalo.com

Buffalo (play /ˈbʌfəl/) is the seicont maist populous ceety in the state o New York, efter New York Ceety.[3] Locatit in Wastren New York on the eastren shores of Lake Erie an at the heid o the Niagara River athort frae Fort Erie, Ontario, Buffalo is the seat o Erie Coonty[4] an the principal ceety o the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan aurie, the lairgest in Upstate New York. Dountoun Buffalo is locatit 17 miles (27 km) sooth o Niagara Falls. Buffalo itsel haes a population o 261,310 (2010 Census) an the Buffalo–Niagara–Cattaraugus Combined Statistical Area is hame tae 1,215,826 residents.

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