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Comune di Arsoli
Arsoli is located in Italy
Location o Arsoli in Italy
Coordinates: 42°02′N 13°01′E / 42.033°N 13.017°E / 42.033; 13.017
 • MayorClaudio Bruni (syne Juin 2004)
 • Total12.13 km2 (4.68 sq mi)
470 m (1,540 ft)
 • Total1,670
 • Density140/km2 (360/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Diallin code0774
Saunt dayDecember 23
WebsiteOfficial website

Arsoli is a toun an comune in the province o Roum, central Italy.

The fair held on St. Bartholomew's Day at Arsoli is ane o the auldest attestit fairs o the region.


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The narrae auncient streets o the picturesquely steidit an massed medieval centre are still preservit, as well as the castello, ance a possession o the Benedictine Order; it dates frae the 11t century. The castle is biggit at the end o a spur, owerleukin Arsoli on ane side an extendin formal gardens on the ither. fower frescoed rooms on the piano nobile are flankit bi gairdrooms hung wi airms an airmour an faimily portraits: it haes been in the possession o the Massimo faimily, whose heid, H.E. the Prince Massimo, is Principe e Signore di Arsoli (Prince an Laird o Arsoli). This rocca haes been in his possession syne it wis purchased bi Fabrizio Massimo in 1574.[1] He commissioned Giacomo Della Porta tae remodel the kirk an commissioned the construction o a aqueduct tae supplement inadequate wells, for the abundant springs o Arsoli hae been tappit tae serve the ceety o Roum syne 600 BC, traditional date o a aqueduct, biggit, accordin tae tradeetion, bi Ancus Marcius.

Internaitional relations

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Twin touns – Sister ceeties

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Arsoli is twinned wi:

  • Bosnie an Herzegovinae Blagaj, Bosnie an Herzegovinae
  1. The three hundrert anniversar o the Massimo presence at Arsoli wis celebratit wi festivities in 1874, accordin tae information providit bi Prince Massimo tae Tryphosa Bates Batcheller, Italian Castles and Country Seats 1911:442f.

Freemit airtins

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