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Qardaha is locatit in Syria
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°27′N 36°0′E / 35.450°N 36.000°E / 35.450; 36.000
Kintra Sirie
GovrenorateLatakia Govrenorate
DestrictQardaha Destrict
330 m (1,080 ft)

Qardaha (Arabic: قرداحة‎) is a veelage in northwastren Sirie, in the muntains owerleukin the coastal toun o Latakia.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Aramaic meanin o Qardaha is the first veelage. The name o Qardaha is Phoenicie an means "the place that manufacturs, an shairpens the weapons". Qardaha in the Adyghe leid means "Walcome".

Aw the veelages an places in An-Nusayriyah muntains namit in Phoenicie leid. Fowk o the Qardaha an aw the An-Nusayriyah Muntains are cried bi ither Siries "The Germans" acause o thair leuks.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

It is said amang the Adyghe fowk o Sirie that the toun o Qardaha wis actually foondit bi Circassie fowk durin the time o the Mameluke warrior Sultan Kanchow Al Ghouri. Evidence for this can be seen bi the lairge nummer o Circassies that live in the toun an the entire An-Nusayriyah Muntains region. Thare is even a street namit Cherkess Street as well as a lairge faimily o the same name.

It is mainly an Alawite toun an the traditional hame o the Assad family. Durin the reign o Hafez al-Assad 1970-2000 the govrenment poured massive investments intae Qardaha, Lattakia an the surroondin region. The day, this is evident awready afore enterin Qardaha, as the broad Sirie coastal heich-gate maks an inexplicable pass intae the muntains juist tae reach Qardaha. Qardaha haes a lot o luxurious villas.

Qardaha haes sae mony veelages belangs tae it sic as A'aen al A'aros, Debash, Kabo, Bustan al-Basha, an Bhmra. Major faimilies in Qardaha: Al-Assad, Al-Khayer, Othman, Shalish, Ismail, Jabbour, Nassif, Hatem, Suleiman, Deeb, Kina'an, Makhlouf, Aslan, Jarkas. A major statue o Hafez al-Assad is foond in the toun center, an a huge mausoleum containin the graves o Basil al-Assad an Hafez al-Assad is an aa locatit thare. Hasan al-Khayer wis born in Qardaha an aw. The residents Qardaha are said tae be descendit frae the Banu Kalb tribe.