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Kintra  Sirie
Govrenorate Latakia Govrenorate
Destrict Al-Haffah Destrict
Nahiyah Al-Haffah
Elevation 310 m (1,020 ft)
Population (2004 census)
 • Ceety 4,298
 • Metro 23,347
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Al-Haffah (Arabic: الحفة‎‎) is a Sirie ceety admeenistratively belangin tae Latakia Govrenorate. Al-Haffah haes an altitude o 194m. It haes a population o 17,921. Al-Haffah is the lairgest section (Manteqa) o the fower admeenistrative sections formin Latakia Govrenorate; Ceety o Latakia, Al-Haffah, Jableh an Al-Qardaha.

Al-Haffah is locatit on a muntain next tae that whaur Salah-Ul-Deen Castle (7 km); which is vera famous in the Sirian Monuments Directory due tae its history (stairtin wi Phoenicians, an being a strategic point for Crussade Invaders) an the unique "Pole o the Pregnant" (ar: عامود الحبلة ), which is a touer sculptured in stane tae connect the twa pairt o the castle athoit uisin the gates.

Al-Haffah produces olive, figs, pommgranate, Damacian apples, unnab an Debbeshee pears.