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Nihon Ki-in

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Nihon Ki-in Heidquarter, in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Nihon Ki-in (日本棋院, Japan Go Association), is the nonprofit organisation for Go i Tokyo, Japan. It maintains Japan's perfaisional player system.

Perfaisional tournaments[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Nihon Ki-in has many tournaments for perfaisional players (players with Go perfaision). They have the Kisei (棋聖, Board Master), Meijin (名人, Grand Master), Honinbo (本因坊), Judan (10-dan), Tengen (天元, Centre), Gosei (碁聖, Master o Go), an the Oza (王座, King). Thare are also separate titles for weemen.

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