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(Reguidit frae Weemen)
The seembol that biologists uise for female

A wumman (plural weimen or wummen) is a female human adult. The wird "wumman" is uised for tae commune anent biological sex, houaniver, the term wumman is forby uised for tae identifee a female human anaw, regairdless o eild, as in phrases sic as "Weemen's richts". The seimbol for the goddess Venus is uis'd for weimen.

Sexual an physiological properties[eedit | eedit soorce]

A wumman pregnant

A wumman haes a uterus or wame. It is the marrae o a human male, or man. Weimen gies birth ti bairns. A youthie female is aften cried a lass or quean. Ti hae bairns, it is needfu ti hae a pintle (male) an a vagina (female). A wumman can becum pregnant.

Rechts, releegion an consideration o the wumman[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ere the 20t centurie, weimen in maist o the warld daedna hae the richt ti vote, an wis treatit wi disrespek.

Eve, the wumman wha betray'd God in the Bible
  • The image o the wumman in the Bible is uis'd ti be objek o discussions, as it shaws (eftir sum feminists) the wumman as sinful craiturs, for byspel the storie o Eve wha "betray'd" God in the Paradise bi aetin the aipil o the Tree o Kennis (or "Wisdom"). The wumman hae nae recht ti be priests in the Catholic releegion.

In sum prehistoric culturs, weimen aft haed the roles o gaitherin fuid an luikin eftir bairns. In modren tyms, thae roles haes chynged a lot.

  • Thar is a day ilka yeir whan the weiman ar celebratit throu monie demonstrations an thair fichts are encouragit: the 8t o Mairch. It is caw'd The Weimen's Day.