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Asami Ueno

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Asami Ueno (上野愛咲美) is a Japanese professional Go player at Nihon Ki-in syne 2016.

Achievements[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Notes[1][2]
2018 Defeatit Xie Yimin an obtainit the female buird master title (女流棋聖). She became the youngest player tae obtain this title. Due tae this record, she wis promotit tae 2 dan an receivit the rookie awaird (棋道賞新人賞).
2019 Defeatit Rina Fujisawa an defendit the female buird master title. She an aw defeatit her again an obtainit the female Honinbo (女流本因坊) title. In addition, she became the finalist o the Dragon Star toornament (竜星戦). This is a new record thon ony ither female player coud no accomplish. Due tae this achievement, a press conference wis held at the Japan Naitional Press Club (JNPC). She became the first Go player an the youngest person tae dae sae.

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