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Tomoko Kato is a Japanese perfaisional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[1][2][3] Her teacher is Kazuko Sugiuchi (Sachiko Honda's sister).

Records[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Notes[1][2][3]
1991 Obtainit perfaisional status
1992 Obtainit the Weemen Honinbo title (女流本因坊) an the female MVP (棋道賞女流賞)
1993 Obtainit the Rookie Awaird (棋道賞新人賞)
1994 Semi-finalist at the Warld Weemen Go Championship (ja:宝海杯世界女子選手権戦). Obtainit the female MVP
1995 Defeatit Kazuko Sugiuchi an obtainit the Weemen Grand Master title (女流名人). This is the first title match focht bi players wi teacher-student relation. She wis an aw the 1st place in the female player prize money rankin.
2000 Obtainit the Weemen Champion title (女流最強位)
2001 Rankit in the tap 8 players at the Internaitional Weemen Perfaisional Weiqi Championship (ja:山水黔城杯国際女子プロ囲棋選手権戦)[4] She wis promotit tae 5 dan in this year.
2005 Obtainit 300 career wins
2013 Promotit tae 6 dan

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