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Kumiko Yashiro

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Kumiko Yashiro is a Japanese perfaisional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[1][2][3] Her husband is an aw a perfaisional Go player.

Records[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Notes[1][2][3]
1994 Obtainit perfaisional status
1999 Finalist at the Weemen's Champion title (女流最強位)
2002 Promotit tae 5 dan
2003 Challenger at the Weemen's Honinbo title (女流本因坊). She an aw obtainit 200 career wins.
2005 & 2006 Obtainit the Weemen's Honinbo title. She defeatit Kaori Chinen in 2005. She kept the title until her lose tae Xie Yimin in 2007.
2005 Receivit the female MVP (棋道賞女流賞)
2007 Teacher at NHK Go programs
2011 Qualifiit tae the challenger determination league at the Weemen's Grand Master title (女流名人)
2013 Promotit tae 6 dan
2018 Finalist at the Weemen's Grand Master title. Her opponent wis Rina Fujisawa.

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