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Kaori Chinen

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Kaori Chinen (知念かおり) is a Japanese perfaisional Go player at Nihon Ki-in.[1][2] She is kent for holding female titles frae the 1990s tae the 2000s.


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Year Notes[1][2]
1988 Ranked-in at tap 32 o the junior heich schuil championship.[3] She an aw ranked-in at tap 16 o the Aw Japan Weemen Amateur Championship.[3]
1993 Obtainit perfaisional status
1995 Finalist at the Weemen Honinbo (女流本因坊). She an aw won at the professional pair Go championship.
1997-1999, 2004 Obtainit the Weemen Honinbo title.
1999 & 2004 Receivit the weemen MVP (棋道賞女流賞)
2002 Finalist at the Weemen Honinbo (女流本因坊).
2000-2003, 2005 Obtainit the Weemen Buird Master title (女流棋聖). She became the first player tae haud multiple weemen titles in a same year.
2004 Obtainit 200 career wins & 1st place at the annual weemen player prize money rankin.
2009 Finalist at the Weemen Grand Master title (女流名人)
2010 Obtainit 300 career wins.
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