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Mark González

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Mark González
González trainin wi CSKA Moscow in 2011
Personal information
Fou name Mark Dennis González Hoffmann
Date o birth (1984-07-10) 10 Julie 1984 (age 40)
Place o birth Durban, Sooth Africae
Hicht 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in)
Playin poseetion Winger
Club information
Current team
Nummer 11
Hauflin career
SG Borken
Universidad Católica
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
2002–2004 Universidad Católica 42 (13)
2004–2006 Albacete 25 (5)
2006–2007 Liverpool 25 (2)
2006Real Sociedad (loan) 16 (6)
2007–2009 Betis 44 (10)
2009–2014 CSKA Moscow 49 (6)
2014–2015 Universidad Católica 41 (14)
2016 Sport Recife 8 (1)
2017 Colo-Colo 4 (0)
2018– Magallanes 0 (0)
Naitional team
2004 Chile U23 7 (2)
2003–2016 Chile 56 (6)
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly an correct as o 1 Februar 2018
‡ Naitional team caps an goals correct as o 18 Julie 2016

Mark Dennis González Hoffmann (born 10 Julie 1984) is a Chilean fitbawer that plays for Chilean club Magallanes. He haes forbye played tap-flicht fitbaw in Roushie, Spain an Ingland. He wis descrieved bi José Mari Bakero, the sportin director o Real Sociedad, ane o his umwhile clubs, as "fast an explosive, the classic left winger but wi technical discipline",[1] while he haes claimit hissel that his speed is his greatest asset.[2]

He made his internaitional debut in 2003, an wis selectit in Chile's squads for three Copa América toornaments an the 2010 Warld Cup.

Early life

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González wis born in Durban, Sooth Africae. His faither Raúl wis a profeesional fitbawer for Durban Bush Bucks, an named him efter his friends an fellae fitbawers Mark Tovey an Dennis Wicks. He left Sooth Africae aged 10 in 1994 an flittit back tae Chile wi his mither.[3][4]

Club career

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González haed greit a muive tae Liverpool on lend for the 2005–06 saison (wi a view tae a permanent £1.5 million muive) frae Albacete. Housomeivver, he wis denied a wirk permit bi the Depairtment o Eddication an Employment in August 2005. The Liverpool management shawed muckle feth in González, pursuin his services despite wirk permit troubles an a cruciate knee ligament injury. Efter a quicker-than-expectit return tae fitness, Liverpool wur persuadit tae mak the muive permanent in October 2005, but the player wis immediately lent back tae Albacete tae continue his recuperation efter a appeal agin the earlier wirk permit decision wis rejectit (a new wirk permit application can anerly be put forrit ane year efter the oreeginal application). Arrangements wur then made for the player tae spend a lend spell at Real Sociedad till simmer 2006.

Real Sociedad (lend)

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González wis presentit on lend at Real Sociedad on 30 Januar 2006, till 30 Juin, alangside Jhon Viáfara, whae the club haed lent frae Portsmouth.[1][2] González said that at Sociedad he wad aim tae impruive his tactical play.[2]

At Sociedad, González put in some guid performances, maist notably against Real Madrid, against whom he scored Sociedad's equaliser as the gemme feenished 1–1. He played 16 league gemmes for Sociedad an scored five goals. Sociedad showed interest in takkin him permanently, alang wi several ither La Liga clubs, but González is quotit tae hae said, "A am vera thankful tae Real Sociedad an their coach José Mari Bakero, but whilk they'd like me tae stay A'm goin tae Ingland tae jyn Liverpool."[5]

Return tae Liverpool

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On 5 Julie 2006, González wis grantit a wirk permit, an wis alloued tae stairt his Liverpool career, wearin the nummer 11 sark. His manager, Rafael Benítez, said, "This is very good news for us and I am absolutely delighted to welcome Mark González to Liverpool as he is a player the supporters will like to see." González made his first appearance as a hauf-time substitute for fellae debutant Fábio Aurélio in a pre-season friendly away against Crewe Alexandra on 22 Julie.[6]

González made his competitive debut on 9 August 2006 against Israeli side Maccabi Haifa, comin aff the bench in the 85t minute for Steven Gerrard an scorin an 88t-minute winner in Liverpool's Champions League 3rd Roond Qualifeer tae seal a 2–1 win.[7] He scored his first Premier League goal in Liverpool's 3–0 win ower Tottenham Hotspur on his first league stairt for the club on 23 September.[8] He scored juist ance mair for Liverpool, in a 4–0 win ower Fulham on 10 Dizember.[9]

González wis injured inside the first ten minutes o the quairter-feenals o the League Cup against Arsenal on 9 Januar 2007 as a result o challenge on Theo Walcott. He wis broucht aff on a stretcher for Luis García, who wis forbye taken aff injured later in the match as Liverpool lost 3–6.[10] He played his last gemme for Liverpool on 5 Mey 2007 against Fulham in a 1–0 defeat.[11]

Real Betis

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On 24 Mey 2007, Rafael Benítez confirmed that Liverpool haed awmaist reached an agreement wi Real Betis ower the Chilean winger.[12] On 12 Juin, González confirmed that he haed signed a contract for £5 million wi Real Betis, who presented him tae the press an fans on 17 Julie 2007. He went on tae score on his home debut wi a penalty goal in the 1–0 victory ower Champions League holders Milan in the Centenary Match in front o 55,000 fans. González scored in a famous 2–1 victory ower heich-fleein Real Madrid tae steer Betis oot o the relegation zone in La Liga. He ultimately scored ten goals in 44 first-team appearances for the club. Betis received an offer o €11 million frae an unnamed club in Julie 2008.[13]

CSKA Moscow

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González in action against Inter Milan in the Champions League in Apryle 2010

In Juin 2009, follaein the relegation o Real Betis, Greek dooble hauders Olympiacos made a affer o €3 million tae secur him a stairtin eleiven poseetion in thair squad for the fortcomin Champions League, but CSKA Moscow offered €6.5 million an on 11 August 2009, he signed a five-year deal wi the Russian club.[14][15] He debuted for the club on 16 August 2009 in a league match awa tae Lokomotiv Moscow.

On 6 December 2010, it wis reportit that he haed been accuised o rape in Moscow. Houiver, later the same day the investigators annoonced that the accuised wis an unrelated Portuguese ceetizen named Mario Gonzalez, allegedly a professional fitbawer.[16]

On 21 Januar 2014, CSKA annooncit that González haed left thaim tae jyn Universidad Católica in Chile on lend.[17] In Dizember 2014, González haed his CSKA contract terminatit bi mutual consent.[18]

Universidad Católica

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Oreeginally a lend, González jyned his first professional club Universidad Católica in Chile in Januar 2015 efter spendin ten years abroad. Efter the mutual termination o his contract at CSKA, he jyned Católica on a permanent muive as a free agent. He helpit the team wi nine goals in the campaign, which Católica wan. It wis forbye González's first Primera División win efter previously feenishing seicont in the 2002 Clausura.[19][20]

González signed a new ane-year deal wi Católica for the 2015–16 saison.[21]

Sport Recife

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On 4 Januar 2016, González rescindit his contract at Universidad Católica an jyned Brazilian club Sport Recife for the next twa years.[22] He made his debut on the 31st, playin the full 90 minutes as thay lost 1–0 at Salgueiro Atlético Clube in the first gemme o the year's Campeonato Pernambucano.[23] He played anly ane mair game afore bein sidelined for a month bi a thigh injury.[24]

Internaitional career

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Born in Sooth Africae, he is eligible tae play for baith Chile an Sooth Africae, but he chose Chile insteid.

On 21 Juin 2010, González scored the anerly goal o the gemme for Chile against Swisserland durin the group stage o the 2010 FIFA Warld Cup in his birthplace Sooth Africae, heidin in a cross frae Esteban Paredes.[25]

He wis namit in the preliminar squad for the 2015 Copa America but wis omittit frae the feenal squad.[26] The follaein year he wis no initially namit in Chile's Copa América Centenario squad, but wis cried up when Matías Fernández athdrew frae injury.[27] Chile went on tae win the toornament.

Internaitional goals

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Scores an results leet Chile's goal tally first.
# Date Venue Opponent Score Result Competeetion
1. 11 Juin 2003 Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano, San Pedro Sula, Honduras  Honduras 1–1 2–1 Friendly
2. 30 Mairch 2004 Estadio Hernando Siles, La Paz, Bolivie  Bolivie 2–0 2–0 FIFA Warld Cup qualifeer
3. 9 Februar 2005 Estadio Sausalito, Viña del Mar, Chile  Ecuador 1–0 3–0 Friendly
4. 21 Juin 2010 Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, Sooth Africae   Switzerland 1–0 1–0 2010 Warld Cup
5. 28 Januar 2015 Estadio El Teniente, Rancagua, Chile  United States 2–2 3–2 Friendly
6. 3–2

Personal life

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González began datin Chilean televeesion personality an model Maura Rivera in 2008, an thay marriet in 2010. Thay hae ane son, Mark González, Jr.[28]

Due tae ower ten years livin in Sooth Africae, he can speak fluently Inglis an Afrikaans alangside Spaingie.

Career honours

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  • In the leet o 33 best fitbaw players o the championship o Roushie (1): 2010


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