Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth
Aerial view o Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Aerial view o Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Nickname(s): The Friendly Ceety or The Windy Ceety
Port Elizabeth is locatit in South Africa
Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth
 Port Elizabeth shown within Sooth Africae
Kintra Sooth Africae
Province Province missin
Municipality Municipality missing
Foondit 1820
 • Metro 1,959 km2 (756 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Metro 1,050,930
 • Metro density 540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
  "City" population is for the Port Elizabeth Main Place in Census 2001; "Metro" population is for the NMB Metro.
Postal code (street) 6001
PO box 6000
Aurie code 041

Port Elizabeth (Xhosa: Ebhayi; colloquial The Bay[2] or Afrikaans: Die Baai) is ane o the lairgest ceeties in Sooth Africae, situatit in the Eastren Cape, 770 km (478 mi) east o Cape Toun. The ceety, aften shortened tae PE an elknamit "The Friendly Ceety" or "The Windy Ceety", stretches for 16 km alang Algoa Bay, an is ane o the major seaports in Sooth Africae.

Port Elizabeth wis foondit as a toun in 1820 tae hoose Breetish settlers as a wey o strengthenin the border region atween the Cape Colony an the Xhosa. It nou forms pairt o the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality which haes a population o ower 1.3 million.

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