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The rape o noblewoman Lucretia wis a stairtin pynt o events that led tae the owerthrow o the Roman Kinrick an establishment o the Roman Republic. As a direct result o rape, Lucretia committit suicide. Mony airtists an writers war inspired bi the story, includin Shakespeare, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Dürer, Artemisia Gentileschi, Geoffrey Chaucer, an Thomas Heywood.
Clessification an freemit resoorces
Specialty emergency medicine[*]
ICD-10 T74.2
ICD-9-CM E960.1
MedlinePlus 001955
eMedicine article/806120
MeSH D011902

Rape is a teepe o sexual assault uisually involvin sexual intercoorse or ither forms o sexual penetration perpetratit against a person wioot that person's consent.