Roushie Premier League

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Roushie Premier League
Kintra Roushie
Confederation UEFA
Foondit 2001; 18 years ago (2001)
Nummer o teams 16
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation tae Naitional Fitbaa League
Domestic cup(s) Roushie Cup
Internaitional cup(s) Champions League
Europa League
Current champions Zenith (5th title)
Maist championships Spartak Moscow (10 teetles)
2019–20 Roushie Premier League

Roushie Premier League (Roushie: Чемпионат России по футболу), currently cried SOGAZ Roushie Fitbaw Championship (Roushie: СОГАЗ — Чемпионат России по футболу) for sponsorship reasons, is the tap diveesion in Roushie fitbaw.