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This template contains a list of current players in the C.D. Magallanes football squad. It can be displayed as a navigation box for transclusion at the bottom of player articles (the default mode) or as a table for transclusion in the team article.
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{{Magallanes squad}}
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Current squad of C.D. Magallanes as of 19 March 2018 (edit)
Sources: ANFP Offeecial Wab Steid

No. Poseetion Player
1  CHI GK Matías Burgos
2  URU DF Rodrigo Brasesco
3  CHI DF Ramiro Gálvez
4  CHI MF Nicolás Higueras
6  CHI MF Pablo Feres
7  CHI FW Mauro Lopes
8  CHI MF Nicolás Núñez
9  ARG FW Gonzalo Sosa
10  CHI FW Diego Aravena
11  CHI FW Mark González
12  CHI GK Gonzalo Mall
13  CHI DF Víctor Araya
14  CHI FW Martín Arenas
15  CHI MF Luis Torres
16  CHI FW Cristián Valenzuela
17  CHI MF Mirko Serrano
18  CHI MF Nicolás Pérez
No. Poseetion Player
19  CHI MF Tomás Aránguiz
21  CHI FW César González
22  CHI MF Thomas Jones
24  CHI DF Pablo Sanhueza
23  ARG MF José Luis García
25  CHI GK Nelson Pinto
26  CHI DF José Martínez
27  CHI FW Richard Barroilhet
28  ARG MF Miguel Escobar
30  CHI DF Andrés Reyes
32  ARG MF Daniel Dip
--  CHI MF Benjamín Carrasco
--  CHI DF Dino Agote
--  ARG DF Brayan Ayetz
--  CHI MF Víctor Henríquez
--  CHI FW José Luis Oliva

Manager: Hugo Balladares

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