Majd al-Krum

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Majd al-Krum

  • מג'ד אל-כרום
  • مجد الكروم
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • An aa spelledMajd al-Kurum (offeecial)
Majd al-Krum is located in Israel
Majd al-Krum
Majd al-Krum
Coordinates: 32°55′17″N 35°15′25″E / 32.92139°N 35.25694°E / 32.92139; 35.25694Coordinates: 32°55′17″N 35°15′25″E / 32.92139°N 35.25694°E / 32.92139; 35.25694
 • Teep(frae 1964)
 • Total5.4 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
 • Total13,500
 • Density2,500/km2 (6,500/sq mi)
Name meanin"Vineyard o Glory"

Majd al-Krum (Arabic: مجد الكروم‎, Hebrew: מַגְ'ד אל-כֻּרוּםMajd al-Kurum) is an Arab toun locatit in the Upper Galilee in Israel's North Destrict aboot 16 kilometer (10 mile) east o Acre. The name o the veelage translates tae "Vineyard o Glory,"[1] reflectin the toun's fame for the quality o its grape vines.[2] The toun is entirely inhabitit bi Muslims. In 2009 it haed a population o roughly 13,500.[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Majd al-Krum's name probably comes frae the "watch-hoose o the vineyard" in Arabic.[4] Majd al-Kurum receives it name for its history o growin grapes. Auncient ruins (locatit on the ootskirts o the toun), consistin o pits biggit intae the rocks whare the residents uised thair feet tae press thair grape crop tae mak wine.

In 1596 Majd al-Krum appeared in Ottoman tax registers as bein in the Nahiya o Akka o the Liwa o Safad. It haed a population o 90 Muslim hoosehaulds includin five bachelors an paid taxes on wheat, barley, olives or fruit trees, cotton, an goats or beehives.[5] In the late 19t century, it wis describit as a veelage biggit o stane an surroondit bi olive trees an arable land. It wis inhabitit bi 600–800 Muslims.[6]

At the time o the 1931 census, Majd al-Krum haed 226 occupee'd hooses an a population o 1,006 Muslims.[7] Bi 1945, Majd al-Kurum haed 1,400 indwallers, aw classifee'd as Arabs. Thay awned a tot o 17,828 dunams o land, while 2214 dunams wur public property.[8]

Majd al-Krum wis captured bi Israeli forces in October 1948. In the 1960s Israel confiscatit a lairge percentage o land frae Majd al-Krum tae form the ceety o Karmiel. The toun wis made a local cooncil in 1964.[1] On the ootskirts o toun ane can see auncient ruins consistin o pits biggit intae the rocks whare the auncient residents uised thair feet tae press thair grape crop tae mak wine.

In 2003 Majd al-Krum alang wi the nearbi local cooncils o Deir al-Asad an Bi'ina mergit tae form the ceety o Shaghur.[1] Durin the 2006 Lebanon War, ower 40 Katyusha rockets landit in the vicinity o Shaghur, wi the nearbi ceety o Karmiel bein the apparent target. Twa men frae Majd al-Krum, Baha' Karim an Muhammad Subhi Mana', wur killed when a rocket struck near them.[9] Shaghur wis later dissolvit in 2009.[3]

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