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Kfar Tavor

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Kfar Tavor

  • כְּפַר תַּבוֹר
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Kpar Tabor
Watchmen's Square in Kfar Tavor
Watchmen's Square in Kfar Tavor
Kfar Tavor is located in Israel
Kfar Tavor
Kfar Tavor
Coordinates: 32°41′13″N 35°25′15″E / 32.68694°N 35.42083°E / 32.68694; 35.42083Coordinates: 32°41′13″N 35°25′15″E / 32.68694°N 35.42083°E / 32.68694; 35.42083
 • TeepLocal cooncil (frae 1949)
 • Head of MunicipalityYosef Dola
 • Total1.231 km2 (304 acres)
 • Total2,700
 • Density2,200/km2 (5,700/sq mi)

Kfar Tavor (Hebrew: כְּפַר תַּבוֹר‬) is a veelage in the Lawer Galilee region o Northren Israel, at the fuit o Mount Tabor. Foondit in 1901, it wis awarded local cooncil status in 1949. In 2008, Kfar Tavor had a population of 2,700.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kfar Tavor was established in 1901 bi pioneers o the First Aliya. Twinty-aicht fermers settled in the aurie wi the assistance o the filanthropist Baron Edmond de Rothschild. The new settlement wis oreeginally kent as Mes'cha, the name o the nearbi Arab veelage. It wis renamit in 1903 at the urging of Zionist leader Menachem Ussishkin who visited the steid an wis surprisit tae fynd it haed nae Ebreu name.[2] At first, there wis some debate ower whether tae uise the term kfar ("veelage"), which some residents thocht wad bode badly for futur growth. Ussishkin respondit that he haed visitit the German toun o Düsseldorf, which haed oreeginatit as a dorf, or veelage an aw, but was now a full-fledgit city. The Rothschild admeenistration determined that the steid wis ideal for cultivatin grapes. The vineyards o Kfar Tavor became a major supplier o quality grapes tae the kintra's leadin wineries. In 1999, efter a century o supplyin raw materials, fower faimilies established the Tabor Winery.[3]

Landmarks[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the Hameyasdim neebourheid, the core o the veelage, thare is the museum an ither steids, including the HaShomer house, the first schuil an teacher's hoose (nou a leebrar) an a synagogue that wis biggit in 1937. Anither schuil, biggit in 1911, nou serves as the Shenkar Tzfira Music Center. The main street o the neebourheid haes hooses left frae the veelage's early days, as well as pairts o the waw that surroondit it.[2]

Notable residents[eedit | eedit soorce]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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