Kiryat Shmona

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Kiryat Shmona
  • קִרְיַת שְׁמוֹנָה, קריית שמונה
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259 Qiryat Šmona
 • An aa spelled Qiryat Shemona (offeecial)
Offeecial logo o Kiryat Shmona
Coat o airms o Kiryat Shmona
Kiryat Shmona is locatit in Israel
Kiryat Shmona
Kiryat Shmona
Coordinates: 33°12′27″N 35°34′11″E / 33.20750°N 35.56972°E / 33.20750; 35.56972Coordinates: 33°12′27″N 35°34′11″E / 33.20750°N 35.56972°E / 33.20750; 35.56972
Destrict Northren
Foondit Mey 1949
 • Teep Ceety (frae 1975)
 • Mayor Avihay Shtern
 • Total 9.96 km2 (3.85 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Tot 23,076
Name meanin Ceety o Aicht

Kiryat Shmona (Ebreu: קִרְיַת שְׁמוֹנָה‬, lit. Ceety o the Aicht) is a ceety locatit in the North Destrict o Israel on the wastren slopes o the Hula Valley on the Lebanese border. The ceety wis named for the aicht fowk, includin Joseph Trumpeldor, who dee'd in 1920 defendin Tel Hai. The day, aboot ane-third o Kiryat Shmona's population o 23,100[2] are younger than 19, an the majority o its indwallers are Jews, parteecularly o Sephardic strynd. Locatit near the Israel-Lebanon border, Kiryat Shmona is Israel's northrenmaist ceety.

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