Basmat Tab'un

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Basmat Tab'un

  • בּׂסְמַת טִבְעוֹן
  • بسمة طبعون
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Bosmat Tiv'on
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Coordinates: 32°44′24.82″N 35°9′25.05″E / 32.7402278°N 35.1569583°E / 32.7402278; 35.1569583Coordinates: 32°44′24.82″N 35°9′25.05″E / 32.7402278°N 35.1569583°E / 32.7402278; 35.1569583
 • TeepLocal cooncil (frae 1965)
 • Total6,300

Basmat Tab'un (Arabic: بسمة طبعون‎; Ebreu: בּׂסְמַת טִבְעוֹן‬) is a Bedouin local cooncil in the North Destrict o Israel. It wis declared as a local cooncil in 1965. Accordin tae the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics (CBS) it haed a population o 6,300 in 2006, wi a growth rate o 3.3%. The majority o the citizens o Basmat Tab'un are Bedouin Muslims.

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