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Beit Jann

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Beit Jann (Hebrew: בֵּיתּ גַ'ן‬; Arabic: بيت جن‎) is a Druze veelage on Mt. Meron, in northren Israel. At 940 meters abuin sea level, Beit Jann is ane o the heichest inhabitit locations in the kintra. In 2007, the population wis 10,300. The mayor o Beit Jann is Youssef Qabalan.[1]


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Till the 13t or 14t century, Druze families in Israel lived in scattered colonies in the hills near soorces o watter. Accordin tae local legend, twa hunters leukin for hyraxes stumbled upon a cave whaur thay foond an auncient cistern filled wi watter. Concludin that this wis a guid place for permanent dounset, several families settled on the site o wha wad acome Beit Jann.[2]

In Julie 2006, durin the Seicont Lebanon War, Beit Jann wis hit bi Katyusha rackets fired bi Hezbollah. Illegal loggin in the vicinity Beit Jann haes led tae conflicts wi pairk offeecials an rangers.[3]

Geography an climate

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Beit Jann haes a cuil climate, even in simmer, an affers panoramic views that stretch as far as the Sea o Galilee an the Mediterranean on a clear day. Several families in the veelage run bed an breakfast facilities.[4] The veelage is locatit inside the Munt Meron nature reserve.


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Coordinates: 32°57′55″N 35°22′46″E / 32.9653°N 35.3794°E / 32.9653; 35.3794

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