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LeaderHassan Nasrallah
Foondit1985 (offeecially)
IdeologyShia Islamism
ReleegionShia Islam
ColoursYellae, Green
Parliament o Lebanon
12 / 128
Cabinet o Lebanon
2 / 30

Hezbollah (pronoonced /ˌhɛzbəˈlɑː/;[4][5] Arabic: حزب اللهḤizbu 'llāh, leeterally "Pairty o Allah" or "Pairty o God")—an aa transleeteratit Hizbullah, Hizballah, etc.[6]—is a Shi'a Islamic militant group an poleetical pairty based in Lebanon.[7][8][9] Its paramilitar wing is regardit as a resistance movement athort a fair feck o the Arab an Muslim warlds,[7] an is considered mair pouerfu nor the Lebanese Airmy.[10][11] The govrenments o the U.S.,[12] Netherlands,[13][14][15][16] Fraunce,[17] Gulf Cooperation Cooncil,[18] U.K., Australie, Canadae, the European Union[19] an Israel classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, aither the hale o it or jist a pairt o it.[20][21]

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