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Lucerne (pronounced /ˌluːˈsɜrn/; German: Luzern, [luˈtsɛrn] ( listen); French: Lucerne, [lysɛʁn]; Italian: Lucerna, [luˈtʃerna]; Romansh: Lucerna; Lucerne German: Lozärn) is a ceety in north-central Swisserland, in the German-speakin portion o that kintra. Lucerne is the caipital o the Canton o Lucerne an the caipital o the destrict wi the same name. Wi a population o aboot 76,200 fowk,[1] Lucerne is the maist populous ceety in Central Swisserland, an a nexus o transportation, telecommunications, an govrenment o this region. The ceety's metropolitan aurie consists o 17 ceeties an touns locatit in three different cantons wi an oweraw population o aboot 250,000 fowk.[2]

Due tae its location on the shore o Lake Lucerne (der Vierwaldstättersee), athin sicht o Munt Pilatus an Rigi in the Swiss Alps, Lucerne haes lang been a destination for tourists. Ane o the ceety's famous laundmerks is the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), a widden brig first erectit in the 14t century. Lucerne haes been votit as the fift maist-popular tourism destination in the warld in 2010 bi Tripadvisor[3], an it haes private hotels an schools maistly shores o Lake Lucerne.

Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Twin touns — Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lucerne is twinned wi the follaein ceeties an touns:

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 47°02′59″N 8°18′00″E / 47.0497°N 8.3°E / 47.0497; 8.3