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Swiss Alps

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The Swiss Alps (German: Schweizer Alpen, Fraunch: Alpes suisses, Italian: Alpi svizzere, Rumanc: Alps svizras) is the pairt o the Alps muntain range that lies within Swisserland. Acause o thair middlins locus in the hail Alpine range, thay are kent as the Middlins Alps.

The heichest heid o the Swiss Alps is the Dufourspitze (4,634 metres (15,202 ft)) nawr the Swiss-Italian mairch. The heichest muntain that aw lies on Swiss launds is the Dom (4,545 metres (14,911 ft)). Ither heidie heids can be fund in the list o muntains in Swisserland.

Sin the middlins speals, farin ower the Alps hean a heidie haundlin in history. The aurie noorth o the St. Gotthard Pass becam the steid of the Auld Swiss Confederacy in 1291.