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French: Pointe Dufour, Italian: Punta Dufour
Monte Rosa summit.jpg
Frae the peak tae the sooth-east towards Italy, the Dunantspitze in back hides the 18 metres lower Grenzgipfel (Inglis: Border Summit)
Heichest pynt
Elevation4,634 m (15,203 ft)
Prominence2,165 m (7,103 ft)  ↓ Great St Bernard Pass[1]
Ranked 7th in the Alps
Isolation78.3 km (48.7 mi)  → M Blanc de Courmayeur[2]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Canton heich pynt
Seiven Seicont Summits
Coordinates45°56′12.6″N 7°52′01.4″E / 45.936833°N 7.867056°E / 45.936833; 7.867056Coordinates: 45°56′12.6″N 7°52′01.4″E / 45.936833°N 7.867056°E / 45.936833; 7.867056
Native nameDufourspitze, Höchste Spitze, Gornerhorn
TranslationPeak Dufour, Highest Peak, Large Horn
Dufourspitze is locatit in Swisserland
Location in Swisserland
Parent rangePennine Alps
Topo mapSwisstopo 1348 Zermatt
First ascent1 August 1855 bi Matthäus and Johannes Zumtaugwald, Ulrich Lauener, Christopher and James Smyth, Charles Hudson, John Birkbeck and Edward Stephenson.
Easiest routerock/snaw/ice climb

The Dufourspitze is the heichest peak o Monte Rosa, a huge ice-covered moontsin massif in the Alps. Dufourspitze is the heichest moontain peak o baith Swisserland an the Pennine Alps an is awso the seicont-heichest moontain o the Alps an Europe ootside the Caucasus. It is locatit atween Swisserland (Canton o Valais) an Italy (Piedmont an Aosta Valley).

Follaein a lang series o attempts beginning in the early nineteenth century, Monte Rosa's summit, then still cried Höchste Spitze (Inglis: Highest Peak), wis first reached on 1 August, the Swiss National celebration day, in 1855 from Zermatt bi a pairty o aicht climbers led bi three guides: Matthäus an Johannes Zumtaugwald, Ulrich Lauener, Christopher an James Smyth, Charles Hudson, John Birkbeck an Edward Stephenson.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Retrieved from the Swisstopo topographic maps. The key col is the Great St Bernard Pass (2,469 m)
  2. Retrieved frae Google Earth. The nearest pynt o heicher elevation is east o Mont Blanc.

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