Libie Ceevil War (2011)

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2011 Libie ceevil war
Pairt o the Arab Ware
Date15 Februar – 23 October 2011 (8 months, 8 days)

Overthrow o Gaddafi govrenment


Libie National Transitional Council[1]


UN member states enforcin UNSC Resolution 1973:

Spillower conflict:

 Tunisie (minor border clashes)

 Libie Libie Arab Jamahiriya

Commanders an leaders

 Libie Mustafa Abdul Jalil
(Chairman o the NTC)[27]
 Libie Abdul Hafiz Ghoga
(Vice-Chairman o the NTC)
 Libie Mahmoud Jibril
(Interim Libie Prime Meenister)
 Libie Jalal al-Digheily
 Libie Omar El-Hariri[28]
 Libie Suleiman Mahmoud[29]
 Libie Abdul Fatah Younis 
(assassinatit 28 Julie in Benghazi)
 Libie Khalifa Belqasim Haftar
 Libie Mahdi al-Harati
 Libie Abu Oweis
 Libie Abdul Hassan
 Libie Khalid Shahmah
 Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
 Qatar Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
(Secretar General)
James G. Stavridis
Charles Bouchard
(Operational Commander)[30]
Ralph Jodice
(Air Commander)
Rinaldo Veri
(Maritime Commander)
Carter Ham

Stephen Harper
(Prime Meenister o Canadae)
Marc Lessard
Lars Løkke Rasmussen
(Prime Meenister o Denmark tae 3 Oct)
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
(Prime Meenister o Denmark frae 3 Oct)
Knud Bartels
Nicolas Sarkozy
(Presse o Fraunce)
Édouard Guillaud
Silvio Berlusconi
(Prime Meenister o Italy)
Rinaldo Veri
Jens Stoltenberg
(Prime Meenister o Norawa)
Harald Sunde
Traian Băsescu
(Preses o Romanie)
Ștefan Dănilă
 Unitit Kinrick David Cameron
(Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick)
 Unitit Kinrick Sir Stuart Peach
(Chief o Jynt Operations)
 United States Barack Obama
(Preses o the Unitit States)
 Unitit States Carter Ham
 Unitit States Sam Locklear
 Jordan Abdullah II
(Keeng o Jordan)
 Swaden Sverker Göranson

 UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
(Preses o the United Arab Emirates)

Template:Kintra data Libie Arab Muammar Gaddafi 
Muammar Gaddafi's sons:
 Libie Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
(Capturt efter war's end)
 Libya Khamis Gaddafi [31]
 Libie Mutassim Gaddafi 
 Libie Saif al-Arab Gaddafi [32]
 Libie Al-Saadi Gaddafi
Military leaders:
 Libie Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabr 
(Meenister o Defence)
Abdullah Senussi
(Captured efter war's end)
Massoud Abdelhafid
(Heid o the secret polis)
Baghdadi Mahmudi (POW)
(Libie Prime Meenister)
Mahdi al-Arabi (POW)
(Deputy chief o staff o the airmy an commander o special forces)
Mohamed Abu Al-Quasim al-Zwai (POW)
(Secretary-General o the General Fowkcongress)
Abuzed Omar Dorda (POW)
(Heid o Naitional Intelligence)
 Libie Khouildi Hamidi (POW)
(Deputy heid o the secret polis)
 Libie Khaled Kaim (POW)
(Deputy foreign meenister)
 Libie Abdul Ati al-Obeidi (POW)
(Foreign Meenister)
 Libie Ahmad Ramdan (POW)
(Meenister o Information)
 Libie Salih Rajab al-Mismari
(Meenister o Public Security)
 Libie Moussa Ibrahim
(Gaddafi Spokesman)
 Libie Hasan al-Kabir al-Gaddafi
(Heid o Revolutionary Guard Corps)
 Libie Rafi al-Sharif
(Head of the Navy)
 Libie Ali Sharif al-Rifi
(General and Head of the Air Force)
 Libie Ali Kana
(General and commander of southern forces)
 Libie Awad Hamza
(Infantry leader)
 Libie Bashir Hawadi
(General and field commander)
 Libie Mustafa al-Kharoubi
(General and military strategist)
 Libya Nasr al-Mabrouk
(General and primary police commander)
 Libie Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi 
(Airmy colonel an Gaddafi's cousin)
 Libie Mansour Dhao (POW)
(Heid o Gaddafi's personal guards)

 Libie Muftah Anaqrat 
(Brigadier General)

17,000 defectin sodgers an volunteers[33] 125,000-150,000 volunteers bi war's end
(NTC estimate)[34]

International Forces: Numerous air and maritime forces (see here)
20,000[35]–40,000[36] sodgers an militia
Casualties an losses

5,667–7,059 opposition fechters an supporters killed, 2,886–3,005 missin (see here)

 Unitit Kinrick 1 airman killed in traffic accident in Italy[37]

 Netherlands 3 Dutch Marines captured (later released)[38]
2,580–3,231 soldiers killed (see here),
7,000 captured*[39]
Estimated total casualties on both sides, including civilians:
25,000[40]–30,000 killed, 4,000 missing[41]
*Large number of loyalist or immigrant civilians, not military personnel, among those captured by rebels,[42] only an estimated minimum of 1,542+ confirmed as soldiers[43]

The Libie ceevil war[44] (an aw referred tae as the Libie revolution[45]) wis an airmit conflict in the North African state o Libie, focht atween forces lyal tae Colonel Muammar Gaddafi an those seeking tae oust his govrenment.[46][47] The war wis precedit bi protests in Benghazi beginnin on 15 Februar 2011, which led tae clashes wi security forces that fired on the croud.[48] The protests escalatit intae a rebellion that spread athort the kintra,[49] wi the forces opposin Gaddafi establishin an interim govrenin body, the Naitional Transitional Cooncil.

The Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil passed an initial resolution on 26 Februar, freezin the assets o Gaddafi an his inner circle an restrictin thair traivel, an referrit the matter tae the Internaitional Creeminal Court for investigation.[50] In early Mairch, Gaddafi's forces ralliet, pushed eastwards an re-teuk several coastal ceeties afore attackin Benghazi. A further U.N. resolution authorised member states tae establish an enforce a nae-flee zone ower Libie.[51] The Gaddafi government then annoonced a ceasefire, but failed tae uphauld it.[52]

In August, rebel forces engaged in a coastal offensive an teuk maist o thair lost territory, an capturit the caipital ceety o Tripoli,[53] while Gaddafi evadit captur an lyalists engagit in a rearguard campaign.[54] On 16 September 2011, the Naitional Transitional Cooncil wis recognised bi the Unitit Naitions as the legal representative o Libie, replacin the Gaddafi govrenment. Muammar Gaddafi remained at lairge till 20 October 2011, when he wis capturit an killed attemptin tae escape frae Sirt.[55] The Naitional Transitional Cooncil declarit the leeberation o Libie an the offeecial end o the war on 23 October 2011.[56]

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