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Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil

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The Unitit Naitions Security Cooncil (in Frainch: Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies, in Inglis: United Nations Security Council) is, unner the Unitit Nations Chairter, the bodie that hauds the lane richt tae, on maiters anent peace in the warld, mak resolutions that aa kintras maun tak tent tae gin they are members o the Cooncil or no, acause thay are syne thirlt tae thaim bi law. At the meenit the Cooncil conseests o fifteen members, wi five kintras (Fraunce, Roushae, the Unitit Kinrick, the Unitit States an China) that haes the richt tae aye be members an that forbye haud the pouer tae nae-say onie resolution pitten forrit, alang wi ten ither members waled bi, an frae, aa the kintras that maks up the Unitit Nations as a hail.

Monie kintras nou conseeders that thare shuid be mair nor fifteen kintras on the Cooncil, an that mair nor five shuid hae the richt tae aye be on it. Houaniver, ilkane o the five kintras that wad hae maist pouer taen frae thaim bi sic a chynge yit haes the richt tae nae-say it, gin thay chuise tae uise it.

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