Kuntsevo Destrict

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Kuntsevo Destrict
Кунцево (Roushie)

Location o Kuntsevo Destrict in Moscow
Coordinates: 55°44′N 37°26′E / 55.733°N 37.433°E / 55.733; 37.433Coordinates: 55°44′N 37°26′E / 55.733°N 37.433°E / 55.733; 37.433
Coat o airms
Federal subjectMoscow
Population (2010 Census)142,497 inhabitants[1]
• Urban100%
• Rural0%
Time zoneMSK (UTC+03:00)[2]
Offeecial wabsteid
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Kuntsevo (Roushie: Ку́нцево) is a destrict in Wastren Admeenistrative Okrug o the federal ceety o Moscow, Roushie. Population: 142,497 (2010 Census);[1] 125,100 (2002 Census).[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 18t century, a palace an a pairk wur biggit; thay wur aften visitit bi the Empress Catherine II. Kuntsevo is the steid o the Kirk o Theotokos Orans. In the 19t century, Kuntsevo became a simmer resort for the Muscovites. A simmer theatre wis opened in 1890. Airtists an writers livit an wirkit in Kuntsevo; amang thaim Nikolay Karamzin, Ivan Turgenev, Vasily Perov, an Ivan Kramskoy.

Kuntsevo became a toun in its awn richt in 1926. On 4 Dizember 1941 German troops reached Kuntsevo durin the Battle o Moscow afore bein repulsed. In 1960, it became a pairt o Moscow. Nou a destrict o Moscow, it conteens mony factories, residential auries, an haes a well-connectit infrastructure. Kuntsevo is reportit tae be the location o the Strategic Missile Command centre.[4]

Kuntsevo Dacha[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kuntsevo railwey station

Communist leaders stairtit tae settle in Kuntsevo in the 1920s. Joseph Stalin instructit his airchitect, Miron Merzhanov, tae big him a dacha on the bank o the Moskva River an muivit thare in 1934. Wi his muive ither members o the nomenklatura haed thair dachas biggit in the surroondins.[5] Stalin conductit hintle o his business frae his Blizhnyaya Dacha (Ближняя дача) ("nearbi dacha"). It wis hivily protectit an includit a double-perimetre fence, camouflagit 30-millimetre antiaircraft guns, an a security force o three hunder NKVD special troops.[4] Stalin passed awa at the dacha on 5 Mairch 1953.

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