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Troitsky Admeenistrative Okrug

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Coordinates: 55°29′29″N 37°18′33″E / 55.49139°N 37.30917°E / 55.49139; 37.30917

Location o Troitsky Admeenistrative Okrug athin Moscow

Troitsky Admeenistrative Okrug (Roushie: Троицкий административный округ), is ane o the twal admenistrative okrugs o Moscow. The okrug wis foondit on 1 Julie 2012. At the time o formation it includit the follaein settlements, which previously belangit tae Naro-Fominsky an Podolsky Destricts, as well as Troitsk Toun o Oblast Significance, aw o Moscow Oblast,[1][2]

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