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Coordinates: 55°45′N 37°37′E / 55.750°N 37.617°E / 55.750; 37.617

Central Administrative Okrug in Moscow

Central Admeenistrative Okrug, or Tsentralny Admeenistrative Okrug (Roushie: Центра́льный администрати́вный о́круг, Tsentralny administrativny okrug), is an admeenistrative okrug o Moscow athin the Kamer-Kollezhny Bank. Population: 742,689 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 701,353 (2002 Census).[2]

It wis established in 1991.

The okrug, govrened bi the prefectur, encompasses ten destricts:

Additionally, the territory o Kitai-gorod is no a pairt o ony destrict an is govrened bi the admeenistrative okrug directly.

Coat o airms[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coat o airms o Central Admeenistrative Okrug

The Kremlin Hill, frae which the colonization o Moscow began, is depictit unner Yury Dolgoruky. The purple backgrund seembolizes the supreme pouer o Roushie, concentratit in Central Administrative Okrug. The gowd unicorn wis a traditional seembol o the Roushie Tsars. Belaw him an auncient Kremlin white-stane waw is featured.

Govrenment an infrastructur[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC or MAK), the aviation accident technical investigation body o the Commonwalth o Independent States, haes its heid office in the Yakimanka Destrict in the okrug.[3] The Federal Penitentiary Service haes its heid office in Yakimanka Destrict.[4]

The Meenistry o Education an Science haes its heid office in the Tsverkoy Destrict.[5]

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aeroflot haes its heid office in the Arbat Destrict in the okrug.[6] United Aircraft Corporation haes its heid office in the Krasnoselsky Destrict in the okrug.[7] Tupolev haes its heid office in the Basmanny Destrict in the okrug.[8]

The All Nippon Airways Moscow sales office is locatit in the Presnensky Destrict in the okrug.[9] Korean Air operates its CIS office in the Tverskoy Destrict in the okrug.[10]

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