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Aeroflot—Russian Airlines
Аэрофлот—Российские авиалинии
IATA ICAO Callsign
Foondit 9 Februar 1923 (1923-02-09)
Commenced operations 15 Julie 1923 (1923-07-15)
Hubs Sheremetyevo Internaitional Airport
Frequent-fleer program Aeroflot Bonus
Alliance SkyTeam
  • Aeroflot-Cargo
  • Aeroflot-Finance
  • Aurora (51%)
  • Dobrolet (100%)
  • Donavia (100%)
  • Jetallians Vostok
Fleet size 153
Destinations 129
Company slogan Sincerely Yours ([Искренне ваш] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)Iskrenne vash)
Parent company Govrenment o Roushie (51%)
Heidquarters Moscow, Roushie
Key fowk Vitaly Savelyev (CEO)
Revenue Increase US$8,13 billion (FY 2012)
Net income Decrease US$166 million (FY 2012)
Employees 30,328 (Aeroflot Group)

OJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (Roushie: ОАО «Аэрофло́т-Росси́йские авиали́нии», OAO Aeroflot-Rossiyskiye avialinii) (MCXAFLT), commonly kent as Aeroflot (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈɛrˌflɔːt/ or Listeni/ˌɛrˈflɔːt/) (Roushie: Аэрофлот, Inglis/Scots translation: "air fleet"), is the flag carrier an lairgest airline o Roushie. The carrier operates domestic an internaitional passenger services, mainly frae its hub at Sheremetyevo Internaitional Airport.

Aeroflot is ane o the auldest airlines in the warld, tracin its history back ae 1923. Durin the Soviet era, Aeroflot wis the Soviet naitional airline an the lairgest airline in the warld."Soviet Union". Retrieved 12 July 2011. </ref>[1] Follaein the Dissolution o the Soviet Union, the carrier haes been transformit frae a state-run enterprise intae a semi-privatisit company which rankit 19t maist profitable in the warld in 2007. Aeroflot is still considered the de facto naitional airline o Roushie. It is 51%-awned bi the Roushie Govrenment. As o September 2013, the Aeroflot Group haed 30,328 employees.

The company haes embarkit on a fleet modernisation programme, extensive route restructurin, an a image owerhaul. The airline joined SkyTeam in Apryle 2006, becomin the 10t member o the alliance.

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