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Aeroflot—Russian Airlines
Аэрофлот—Российские авиалинии
IATA ICAO Callsign
Foondit 9 Februar 1923 (1923-02-09)
Commenced operations 15 Julie 1923 (1923-07-15)
Hubs Sheremetyevo Internaitional Airport
Frequent-fleer program Aeroflot Bonus
Alliance SkyTeam
  • Aeroflot-Cargo
  • Aeroflot-Finance
  • Aurora (51%)
  • Dobrolet (100%)
  • Donavia (100%)
  • Jetallians Vostok
Fleet size 153
Destinations 129
Company slogan Sincerely Yours ([Искренне ваш] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)Iskrenne vash)
Parent company Govrenment o Roushie (51%)
Heidquarters Moscow, Roushie
Key fowk Vitaly Savelyev (CEO)
Revenue Increase US$8,13 billion (FY 2012)
Net income Decrease US$166 million (FY 2012)
Employees 30,328 (Aeroflot Group)

OJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (Roushie: ОАО «Аэрофло́т-Росси́йские авиали́нии», OAO Aeroflot-Rossiyskiye avialinii) (MCXAFLT), commonly kent as Aeroflot (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈɛrˌflɔːt/ or Listeni/ˌɛrˈflɔːt/) (Roushie: Аэрофлот, Inglis/Scots translation: "air fleet"), is the flag carrier an lairgest airline o Roushie. The carrier operates domestic an internaitional passenger services, mainly frae its hub at Sheremetyevo Internaitional Airport.

Aeroflot is ane o the auldest airlines in the warld, tracin its history back ae 1923. Durin the Soviet era, Aeroflot wis the Soviet naitional airline an the lairgest airline in the warld.[1][2] Follaein the Dissolution o the Soviet Union, the carrier haes been transformit frae a state-run enterprise intae a semi-privatisit company which rankit 19t maist profitable in the warld in 2007. Aeroflot is still considered the de facto naitional airline o Roushie. It is 51%-awned bi the Roushie Govrenment. As o September 2013, the Aeroflot Group haed 30,328 employees.

The company haes embarkit on a fleet modernisation programme, extensive route restructurin, an a image owerhaul. The airline joined SkyTeam in Apryle 2006, becomin the 10t member o the alliance.

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