Presnensky Destrict

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Presnensky Destrict on the cairt o Moscow

Presnensky Destrict (Roushie: Пре́сненский райо́н), commonly cried Presnya (Пре́сня), is a destrict o Central Admeenistrative Okrug o Moscow, Roushie. Population: 122,886 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 116,979 (2002 Census).[2]

The destrict is hame tae the Moscow Zoo, White Hoose o Roushie, Kudrinskaya Square Skyscraper, Patriarshy Ponds, Vagankovo Cemetery, an Moscow International Business Center financial destrict (unner construction). It is unusiually muckle an diverse amang the Central Okrug Destricts, combinin affluent residential, admeenistrative an auld industrial neebourheids.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

A view o the soothren portion o Presnensky Destrict, wi the White Hoose o Roushie tae the richt

This section is based on P.V.Sytin's "History o Moscow Streets" (1948)

The name o Presnya (noun; adjective: Presnensky) destrict is inheritit frae the Presnya River, nou flowin mucklely in an unnergrund pipe an enterin the Moskva River immediately wast o the White Hoose o Roushie. Ponds that wur set up on Presnya River an its tributars in the seiventeent century survive as Patriarshy Pond (ane o three ponds umwhile on the Bubna stream in the Goat Mairsh aurie) an the Moscow Zoo ponds (on the Presnya River proper).

Anither smaw north-sooth brook flows in pipin twa kilometres wast frae Presnya river. The day, it fills fower ponds separatin the auld Presnya destrict frae the Expocenter an Moskva-Ceety developments. This river, namit in municipal reports as Studenetz (efter a spring on its route) or Vaganskoi (efter a cemetery) River [3] flows juist unner 4 km.[4]

View o Presnensky Destrict frae the Moskva River

Present-day Krasnaya Presnya street is a pairt o a historical road connectin Moscow wi Novgorod via Volokolamsk syne the twalt century. In the 17t century, land sooth o the road wur managit bi Patriarch Joachim's court, land north frae it belangit tae Voskresenskoye dounset, laid doun bi Tsar Feodor III. This ryal veelage hoosed a private zoo, a distant predecessor o current Moscow Zoo. Peter I, Feodor's brither a co-ruler, wis a frequent guest here. In 1729, Voskresenskoe became property o Vakhtang VI o Kartli, a deponit Georgie keeng in exile. The memories o Vakhtang an his court remain in the names o Gruzinskaya (Georgie) streets; housomeivver, the Georgie commonty thare dispersed athin nineteent century. At the same time, thare wis an still is a sizable Armenie commonty; Armenie cemetery remains in Presnensky destrict (adjacent tae Vagankovo Roushie Orthodox cemetery).

Bi 1787, thare wur fower ponds on the Presnya, wi a firthen brig, twa dams an a watter mill; in 1805, a stane brig wis biggit. The Studenetz aurie wis a popular picnic destination; the same time, 1798, the famous Trekhgornaya textile factory wis biggit. Enterteenment relocatit east, closer tae Presnya River, an the Kremlin Admeenistrator, Valuev, made a short-livit miracle o convertin the dirty banks o the Presnya intae a upper-cless promenade.

Enterteenment continued wi the private Studenetz Pairk an the public Moscow Zoo (1864). But the destrict itsel became a industrial, densely populatit wirkin-cless aurie. In the Dizember 1905 the whole destrict wis taken ower bi revolutionar militias; govrenment troops haed tae bring in airtillery tae subdue the revolt. In the November 1917, Presnya wirkers teuk ower the neebourheid again. Martemyan Ryutin wis secretar o the local Communist Pairty in 1932, when the Ryutin Affair occurred; this wis ane o the last attempts tae block Joseph Stalin's rise tae pouer frae athin the pairty.

Modren history[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1920s, streets o central Presnya wur rebuilt intae five-sax story hoosin for the wirkers, awtho maist o the destrict remained firthen lawrise. Stalinist construction projects concentratit on Garden Ring, while the wirkin-cless auries east o it wur neglectit. In the Leonid Brezhnev era, major admeenistrative biggins wur biggit includin the White Hoose o Roushie (1975–1981), Comecon Biggin (1964–1968) an the Center for Internaitional Trade (1977–1981), an numerous leuk-alike apairtment blocks.

Moscow-Ceety project, conceivit in 1992, commencit efter the 1998 crises. At the same time, auld industrial properties are torn doun an replacit wi office space o varyin quality. Tram netwirk in Presnensky Destrict, severely cut in 1950s an 1973, wis destroyed in 2000–2004 (see photographs wi Inglis text Archived 2006-04-27 at the Wayback Machine).

Neebourheids[eedit | eedit soorce]

Patriarshy Ponds
  • Moscow International Business Center, futur financial destrict o Moscow, intendit tae hoose aw administratice offices o Ceety Haw an aw
  • Patriarshy Ponds, an affluent residential aurie athin the Garden Ring, the steid o Bulgakov's Maister an Margarita.
  • Tishinskaya Square (Tishinka) is anither expensive aurie on the ither side o Garden ring, atween the Zoo an Tverskaya
  • Shelepikha, a five-story residential aurie on the eastren end o Presnensky Destrict, is the next candidate for major redevelopment.
  • Yermakova Roshcha, ance a pairk on Studenets Brook, is an industrial aurie athin a triangle o railroads (atween Shelepikha an Moscow-Ceety). Sae far, the Ceety Haw haes nae plans tae redevelop this aurie.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The All Nippon Airways Moscow sales office is locatit in Room 606 o the Warld Trade Center (WTC) in the Mezhdunarodnaya-2 Building in the destrict.[5]

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