Kirillovsky Destrict

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Kirillovsky Destrict
Кирилловский район (Roushie)

Location o Kirillovsky Destrict in Vologda Oblast
Coordinates: 59°52′N 38°23′E / 59.867°N 38.383°E / 59.867; 38.383Coordinates: 59°52′N 38°23′E / 59.867°N 38.383°E / 59.867; 38.383
Coat o airms o Kirillovsky Destrict
Banner o Kirillovsky Destrict
Federal subjectVologda Oblast[1]
Administrative structure (as o June 2012)
Admeenistrative centretounKirillov[2]
Admeenistrative diveesions:[2]
Towns of district significance1
Inhabitit localities:[2]
Rural localities480
Municipal structure (as o December 2010)
Municipally incorporatit asKirillovsky Municipal Destrict[3]
Municipal diveesions:[3]
Urban settlements1
Rural settlements8
Aurie5,400 km2 (2,100 sq mi)[4]
Population (2010 Census)15,877 inhabitants[5]
• Urban48.7%
• Rural51.3%
Density2.94/km2 (7.6/sq mi)[6]
Time zoneMSK (UTC+03:00)[7]
Established1 August 1927[8]
Offeecial wabsteid
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Kirillovsky Destrict (Roushie: Кири́лловский райо́н) is a admeenistrative[1] an municipal[3] destrict (raion), ane o the twinty-sax in Vologda Oblast, Roushie. It is locatit in the north o the oblast an borders wi Kargopolsky an Konoshsky Destricts o Arkhangelsk Oblast in the north, Vozhegodsky an Ust-Kubinsky Destricts in the east, Vologodsky Destrict in the sootheast, Sheksninsky Destrict in the sooth, Cherepovetsky Destrict in the sootheast, Belozersky an Vashkinsky Destricts in the wast, an wi Vytegorsky Destrict in the northwast. The aurie o the destrict is 5,400 square kilometer (2,100 sq mi).[4] Its admeenistrative centre is the toun o Kirillov.[2] Population: 15,877 (2010 Census);[5] 18,627 (2002 Census);[9] 21,702 (1989 Census).[10] The population o Kirillov accoonts for 48.7% o the destrict's tot population.[5]

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The mooth o Sviyaga River, Loch Siverskoye

The aurie o the destrict is elongatit frae north tae sooth an is split intae twa reughly equal pairts bi the divide atween the basins o the Airctic Ocean an the Caspian Sea. The aurie is dividit atween the basins o three major rivers—the Volga, the Onega, an the Northren Dvina. The northeastren pairt o the destrict includes the wastren hauf o Loch Vozhe, that Kirillovsky Destrict shares wi Vozhegodsky Destrict. The loch, an the rivers in the northren pairt o the destrict forby, belangs tae the basin o the Onega. The major tributars o the Onega athin the destrict are the Sovza an the Pereshna. The Sovza flows throu Loch Veshchozero, an the Pereshna haes its soorce in Loch Pereshnoye, that is dividit atween Kirillovsky an Ust-Kubinsky Destricts. Auries in the central-east o the destrict are in the basin o the Porozovitsa River, that belangs tae the basin o Loch Kubenskoye an o the Northren Dvina. A stretch o the wastren mairch o the destrict lees on the shore o Loch Beloye; housomeivver, nae pairt o the loch belangs tae the destrict. The rivers in the rest o the destrict drain intae the Sheksna, that wis made intae the Sheksna Reservoir. Thare are mony lochs o the destrict; amang the biggest anes (efter Loch Vozhe an the Sheksna Reservoir) are Loch Itkolskoye, Loch Siverskoye, an Lake Zaulomskoye.

The anerly naitional pairk in Vologda Oblast, Russky Sever Naitional Pairk, is locatit in Kirillovsky Destrict.

The north o the destrict, especially the auries aroond Lake Vozhe, are covered bi swamps, the biggest o whilk is the Charonda Swamp (shared wi Ust-Kubensky an Vozhegodsky Destricts an aw).

Forests occupee 67% o the destrict's territory.[4]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, as seen frae Loch Siverskoye

In the 13t century, the aurie belangit tae the Principality o Beloozero, an in the 14t century, thegither wi the rest o the principality, it became a pairt o the Grand Duchy o Moscow. In 1397, St. Cyril o White Loch, a monk an a disciple o St. Sergius o Radonezh, foondit the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery on the shore o Loch Siverskoye. The toun o Kirillov eventually developit as the posad o the monastery. In 1398, St. Therapont o White Loch, who arrivit wi Cyril, muivit tae a separate location, that later became the Ferapontov Monastery. Baith monasteries wur subordinate tae Airchbeeshops o Rostov. In the 15t an the 16t centuries, Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery developit intae ane o the maist influential monasteries in Roushie. It helpit that the Sheksna River wis ane o the maist hivily uised watterweys connectin central an northren Roushie an aw. At some pynt, the monastery wis the seicont biggest landawner efter the Trinity Lavra o St. Sergius. Vasily III, the Grand Prince o Moscow, an Ivan the Terrible, the Tsar, visitit the monastery on several occasions. In the end o the 15t century, Nil Sorsky, a umwhile monk o the monastery an a leader o nan-possessors muivement in the Roushie Orthodox Kirk, foondit the Nilo-Sorsky Monastery 15 kilometer (9.3 mi) northwast o Kirillov.

In the course o the admeenistrative reform carriet oot in 1708 bi Peter the Great, the aurie wis includit intae Ingermanland Govrenorate (kent syne 1710 as Saunt Petersburg Govrenorate). In 1727, separate Novgorod Govrenorate wis split aff. The aurie became a pairt o Charondsky Uyezd o Belozersk Oblast o Novgorod Govrenorate. In 1776, the aurie wis transferred tae Novgorod Viceryalty. Simultaneously, Kirillov wis chairtered an became the seat o Kirillovsky Uyezd. In 1796, the viceryalty wis abolisht, an the aurie wis transferred tae Novgorod Govrenorate. Kirillovsky Uyezd wis abolisht an aw; housomeivver, it wis re-establisht in 1802.

In Juin 1918, five uyezds o the Novgorod Govrenorate, includin Kirillovsky Uyezd, war split aff tae form Cherepovets Govrenorate, wi the admeenistrative centre in Cherepovets. In 1919, northwastren pairts o Kirillovsky Uyezd wur transferred intae Kadnikovsky Uyezd o Vologda Govrenorate an Kargopol Uyezd o Olonets Govrenorate. On 1 August 1927, Cherepovets Govrenorate wis abolisht, an its aurie became Cherepovets Okrug o Leningrad Oblast. Simultaneously, the uyezds wur abolisht, an Kirillovsky Destrict wis establisht. On 23 September 1937, Kirillovsky Destrict wis transferred tae newly establisht Vologda Oblast.[8]

On 1 August 1927, Petropavlovsky Destrict wi the admeenistrative centre in the selo o Petropavlovskoye an Nikolsko-Torzhsky Destrict wi the admeenistrative centre in the selo o Nikolsky Torzhok[11] wur establisht an aw. On 30 Julie 1931, Nikolsko-Torzhsky Destrict wis mergit intae Kirillovsky Destrict, an Petropavlovsky Destrict wis renamit Charozersky Destrict. The selo o Petropavlovskoye wis renamit Charozero. In 1937, Charozersky Destrict wis transferred frae Leningrad Oblast tae Vologda Oblast. On 12 Dizember 1955, Charozersky Destrict wis abolisht, an its aurie wis appendit tae Kirillovsky Destrict.[8]

Economie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Industrie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The economie o the destrict is based on timmer industrie. Thare is fuid industrie an aw.[4]

Agricultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

The agricultur o the destrict is essentially limitit tae crop growin an cattle breedin, resultin an meat an milk production.[4]

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kirillov is connectit bi aw-saisonal roads wi Vologda, Cherepovets, Belozersk, an Vytegra. Thare are local roads an aw.

The Volga–Baltic Watterwey (umwhile kent as the Mariinsk Canal Seestem), connectin the Rybinsk Reservoir in the basin o the Volga River an Loch Onega in the basin o the Neva River, runs throu the destrict, follaein the course o the Sheksna.

The northren pairt o Loch Kubenskoye, that belangs tae the basin o the Northren Dvina River, is connectit bi the Northren Dvina Canal wi Loch Siverskoye, the toun o Kirillov, an the Sheksna River, sicweys connectin the basins o the White Sea an the Volga. In the 19t century, the canal wis the main watterwey connectin the Volga wi the White Sea. Housomeivver, in the 1930s the White Sea–Baltic Canal wis biggit, an the Northren Dvina Canal lost its significance. The canal is still in operation, servin cargo traffeck an occasional cruise ships, that muive frae the Sheksna tae Loch Kubenskoye.

Releegion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict hosts twa actin monasteries o the tot fower open in Vologda Oblast. Thir are the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery (male) in the toun o Kirillov an the Goritsky Monastery (female) in the selo o Goritsy, close tae Kirillov.

Cultur an recreation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The St. Iliya Kirk o the Tsypin Pogost

Kirillovsky Destrict preserves a nummer o medieval ensembles that are considered amang the best monuments o airt an airchitectur in Roushie.[12] The Ferapontov Monastery is the anerlie Warld Heritage steid in Vologda Oblast. The Cathedral o Nativity o the Virgin (1490) in the monastery is the anerlie remainin Roushie kirk wi fully paintit waws. The frescoes wur carriet oot bi Dionisius. The Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery is a fortifee'd ensemble biggit in the 15t an the 16t centuries. The Resurrection Kirk o the Goritsky Monastery oreeginates frae the 16t century an aw.

The destrict contains 10 objects classifee'd as cultural an historical heritage bi Roushie Federal law, an addeetionally 143 objects classifee'd as cultural an historical heritage o local importance.[13] The cultural heritage monuments o the federal significance are the ensembles o the Kirillo-Belozersky, the Gorisky, an the Ferapontov Monasteries, an the St. Iliya Kirk o the Tsypin Pogost an a nummer o airchaeological monuments forby.

The Ferapontov monastery operates as a museum—The Dionysios Frescoes Museum.[14] Aw ither museums o the destrict are operatit unner the umbrella o the Kirillo-Belozersky Museum o History, Airt, an Airchitectur[15] that is locatit in the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. The ensemble o the monastery is shared atween the monastery an the museum.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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