Henry IV, Haly Roman Emperor

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Henry IV
Haly Roman Emperor (mair...)
Heinrich 4 g.jpg
Keeng o the Romans (an aa kent as Keeng o the Germans)
Ring 1084–1105
Predecessor Henry III
Successor Henry V
Born 11 November 1050(1050-11-11)
Goslar Kaiserpfalz
Dee'd 7 August 1106(1106-08-07) (aged 55)
Buirial Speyer Cathedral

Bertha o Savoy

Adelaida (Eupraxia o Kiev)

Agnes o Germany
Conrad II o Italy

Henry V, Haly Roman Emperor
Hoose Salian dynasty
Faither Henry III
Mither Agnes o Poitou
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Henry IV (German: Heinrich IV) 11 November 1050 – 7 August 1106, ascendit tae be Keeng o the Germans[1] at the age o sax. Frae 1084 till his forced abdication in 1105 he wis an aa referred tae as the Keeng o the Romans an Haly Roman Emperor. He wis the third emperor o the Salian dynasty an ane o the maist pouerful an important figures o the 11t century. His reign wis markit bi the Investiture Controversy wi the Papacy an several ceevil wars ower his throne baith in Italy an Germany. He died o illness, soon efter defeatin his son's airmy near Visé, in Lorraine.

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