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Prefectur biggin o the Côte-d'Or depairtment, in Dijon
Prefectur biggin o the Côte-d'Or depairtment, in Dijon
Coat of airms o Côte-d'Or
Coat airms
Location o Côte-d'Or in Fraunce
Location o Côte-d'Or in Fraunce
Coordinates: 47°25′N 04°50′E / 47.417°N 4.833°E / 47.417; 4.833
Kintra Fraunce
 • Preses o the General CooncilFrançois Sauvadet (NC)
 • Total8763 km2 (3,383 sq mi)
Highest elevation
723 m (2,372 ft)
 • Total532,948
 • Rank49t
 • Density61/km2 (160/sq mi)
Demonym(s)côte-d'oriens, costaloriens
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Depairtment nummer21
^1 French Land Register data, which exclude estuaries, an lochs, ponds, an glaciers lairger than 1 km2

Côte-d'Or (IPA: [kot dɔːʁ]; Inglis: Golden Hillside) is a depairtment in the eastren pairt o Fraunce.


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Côte-d'Or is ane o the oreeginal 83 depairtments creatit durin the French Revolution on 4 Mairch 1790. It wis formed frae pairt o the umwhile province o Burgundy.


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The depairtment is pairt o the current region o Bourgogne. It is surroondit bi the depairtments o Yonne, Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Jura, Aube, an Haute-Marne.

A chain o hills cried the Plateau de Langres runs frae north-east tae sooth-wast throu the depairtment tae the north o Dijon an continues sooth-wastwards as the Côte d'Or escairpment, which is named frae the depairtment's name. It is the sooth-east facin slope o the escairpment which is the steid o the celebratit Burgundy vinyairds. Tae the wast o the Plateau de Langres, towards Champagne, lies the densely woodit destrict o Châtillonais. Tae the sooth-east o the plateau an escairpment, the depairtment lies in the broad, flat-bottomed valley o the middle course o the Saône.

Rivers include:

  • The Saône
  • The Seine rises in the soothren end o the Plateau de Langres.
  • The Ouche rises on the dip slope o the escairpment an flows tae the Saône via Dijon.
  • The Armançon rises on the dip slope o the escairpment an flows north-wastward.
  • The Arroux rises on the dip slope o the escarpment at the soothren end o the depairtment.


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The climate o the depairtment is temperate, wi abundant rain on the wast side o the central range.


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The Preses o the General Cooncil is François Sauvadet o the New Centre.

Pairty seats
Socialist Pairty 12
Union for a Popular Muivement 11
Miscellaneous Richt 8
Miscellaneous Left 6
Left Radical Pairty 3
New Centre 2
MoDem 1


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This is a premier wine-growin region o Fraunce. It produces wha are arguably the warld's finest, an definitely maist expensive Pinot noir an Chardonnay wines frae some o the maist rigorously an painstakingly (thanks tae the region's mony monasteries) classifee'd vinyairds in the warld. Wine frae the Côte-d'Or wis a favorite o the emperor Charlemagne. Ither crops include cereal grains an potatoes. Sheep an cattle are an aa raised in the depairtment. The region is famous for its Dijon mustard.

Thare are coal mines an hivy industry, includin steel, machinery, an earthenware. The industries maist developed in Côte-d'Or are

  • agricultur an fuid (14% o employees)
  • metallurgy an metal manufactur (12% o employees)
  • chemicals, rubber an plastics (12% o employees)
  • pharmacy
  • electrical an electronic components an equipment
  • wid an paper industries.

The big wirks are generally in the conurbation o Dijon awtho biggest (CEA Valduc) is at Salives in the Plateau de Langres. Thare is an aa the SEB metal wirks at Selongey belaw the plateau on the margin o the Saône plain an the Valourec metalwirkin group at Montbard in the wast o the depairtment on the River Brenne near its confluence wi the Armançon. The Pharmaceutical industry haes shawn the greatest growthe in recent years. Housomeivver, syne the Dijon employment statistics zone includes the urban an admeenistrative centre o the Burgundy region, the service sector is proportionately bigger thare in relation tae the industrial, than in the ither three zones o Côte-d'Or.


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The indwallers o the depairtment are cried Costaloriens.


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Some o the major tourist attractions are the Gothic abbey kirk o Saint-Seine-l'Abbaye an the Romanesque abbey kirk at Saulieu, as well the Château de Bussy Rabutin at Bussy-le-Grand. The Abbey o Cîteaux, heidquarters o the Cistercian Order, lies tae the east o Nuits-Saint-Georges in the sooth o the depairtment.

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