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Weemen's Tennis Association

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Women's Tennis Association
Sport Professional tennis
Foondit 1973
Chairman Stacey Allaster
Chief Exec Stacey Allaster
Official website

The Weemen's Tennis Association (WTA), foondit in 1973 bi Billie Jean King, is the principal organizin body o weemen's professional tennis. It govrens the WTA Tour which is the warldwide professional tennis tour for weemen. Its coonterpairt organisation in the men's professional gemme is the Association o Tennis Professionals (ATP).

The Weemen's Tennis Association wis foondit in the month o Juin 1973, but can trace its origins back tae Houston, Texas wi the inaugural Virginia Slims toornament, arranged bi Gladys Heldman, an held on 23 September 1970. Rosie Casals wan this first event. The WTA's corporate heidquarters is in St. Petersburg, Florida. The European heidquarters is in Lunnon, an the Asie-Paceefic heidquarters is in Beijing.

WTA Rankins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thir leets are based on the WTA Rankins.[1][2]

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