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Coat of airms o Vievis
Coat airms
Vievis is located in Lithuania
Location o Vievis
Coordinates: 54°46′30″N 24°48′30″E / 54.77500°N 24.80833°E / 54.77500; 24.80833
Kintra Lithuanie
Ethnographic regionDzūkija
CoontyVilnius Coonty
MunicipalityElektrėnai Municipality
EldershipVievis eldership
Caipital oVievis eldership
First mentioned1539
Granted city rights1950
 • Total5,246
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Vievis (Aboot this soondpronunciation ) is a smaw ceety in Elektrėnai Municipality, Lithuanie. It is locatit 14 km east o Elektrėnai. The ceety is surroondit bi Loch Vievis.

In 1522 year the Vievis manor, in 1539 year - toun, which belangit tae Ogiński faimily, wis mentioned. In the first hauf o 16t century the first Catholic kirk wis biggit thare.

Aboot 1600, Ogiński faimily biggit a Uniate kirk an foondit the Abbey o the Holy Spirit (Lithuanie: Šventosios dvasios). At the beginnin o the 17t century a printin press wis establisht near the abbey, notable for printin beuks bi various Protestant Calvinist scholars.[1]

In 1794 an 1812, the kirk burned doun an wis rebiggit in 1816. In 1837 an Orthodox kirk wis biggit.

In the period atween Warld War I an Warld War II, Vievis was near the dividing line atween Lithuanie an Poland. The toun uised tae be amang those wi the lairgest Pols population, wi roughly 77% inhabitants identifeein thairsels as Poles. In 2011 census, anerly 10.9% o inhabitants identifee'd thairsels as Poles as well as 3.74% Roushies an 82.56% Lithuanies.[2]

The 17t century printin press became the raison why a 1970s samizdat jurnal "Lustra dzion" editit bi Vincuk Viačorka citit "Jewie" as the place o its publishin (even tho it wis in fact publisht in Minsk).[3] The printin press is featured on the modren coat o airms o the ceety an aw, adoptit in 1999.

The Lithuanie Road Museum is in the ceety.

An 1843 Eastren Orthodox Kirk in Vievis

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