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Pabaiskas is a smaw toun in Ukmergė destrict o Vilnius Coonty, Lithuanie, 10 kilometre (6.2 mi) sooth-wast o Ukmergė, wi 249 inhabitants. The Battle o Pabaiskas teuk place here in 1435, when Sigismund Kestutaitis defeatit Švitrigaila an his Livonie Order allees. Pabaiskas wis biggit efterwairds tae commemorate the battle.

Thare is a Holy Trinity Kirk in the toun, biggit in 1436 bi Sigismund Kestutaitis. A mair modren stanewirk kirk wis biggit in 1821–1836 m. The airchitect wis J. Levoisier.

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Coordinates: 55°10′N 24°46′E / 55.167°N 24.767°E / 55.167; 24.767