Ukmergė Destrict Municipality

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Ukmergė Destrict Municipality

Ukmergės rajono savivaldybė
Coat o airms o Ukmergė Destrict Municipality
Coat o airms
Location o Ukmergė destrict municipality
Location o Ukmergė destrict municipality
Kintra Lithuanie
Ethnographic regionAukštaitija
CoontyVilnius Coonty
 • MayorAlgirdas Kopūstas
 • Total1,395 km2 (539 sq mi)
 (2001 census)
 • Tot48,700
 • Density35/km2 (90/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

The Ukmergė Destrict Municipality is a municipality in Vilnius Coonty, Lithuanie. The caipital o the municipality is Ukmergė, the lairgest dounset an anerly ceety in the municipality. The entire municipality belangs tae Aukštaitija ethnographic region.

Dounsets[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vepriai kirkyard

Thare are 10 touns in Ukmergė municipality: Deltuva, Lyduokiai, Pabaiskas, Siesikai, Šešuoliai, Taujėnai, Vepriai, Vidiškiai, Želva an Žemaitkiemis. Ukmergė municipality shares the seicont place in Lithuanie (wi Radviliškis Destrict Municipality) accordin tae the nummer o touns. Thare are 612 veelages in the municipality.

Vepriai is the maist populous toun in the municipality an is a local tourism (notably landwart tourism) centre. Siesikai is best kent for the 16t century Renaissance Siesikai (Daumantai) Castle near Siesikai Loch. Deltuva haes been the centre o the important Deltuva Land at the emergence o the centralisit Lithuanie State. The ruins o ane o the first Calvinist kirks in Lithuanie (17t century, Renaissance style) are near Deltuva. Pabaiskas wis establisht near the location whaur the notorious Battle o Pabaiskas atween the airmies led bi Žygimantas Kęstutaitis an Švitrigaila haes taken place on 1 September 1435.

The first preses o the independent Lithuanie state Antanas Smetona wis born in Užulėnis, nou Ukmergė Destrict.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Šventoji River seen frae the brig

The eastren part o the municipality belangs tae Aukštaitijan Hielands an the north-wastren pairt is in Middle Lithuanie Lawlands.

Šventoji River is the lairgest river in the municipality an Širvinta River is the seicont. The ither rivers are Siesartis, Mūša and Armona. Loch Lėnas is the lairgest loch (2.65 km²) an Loch Žirnajai is the deepest (average o 9.8 meters).

Firthlands cover about 29 percents of the district, swamps occupy 2.3 percent and 54.5 percent is an arable land.[1]

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